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Maude happy Ibadin broke his 26 year 800m record


Former Nigerian 800m record holder, Ado Maude and the President of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Hon Ibrahim Gusau, have differently sent congratulatory messages to the new Nigerian record holder, Edose Ibadin.
Until the emergence of Ibadin whose new PR was set on the 2nd June where he ran 1:45.69s in Nashville Tenesse. He commented on his Twitter handle: “Grateful for the PR 1:45.69, but way more work to be done and things to improve on.”
Ado Maude’s National Record stands at 1:45.91 which was set on 9th September 1992 in Bologna-Italy. The record was not touched for 26 years. It was lowered by 22 seconds.
Gusau said, “I have taken particular interest in the new record holder. He is one very disciplined athlete. He is very focused on his ambition and pursues same with vigour. I am very happy for him and congratulate him for the feat.”
When www.gongnews.net called Maude to sample his feelings and was told that his record has been broken, he shouted in ecstacy and responded, “it certainly must be Edose! Wow! I am happy for him. I congratulate him. I just pray he will get the support to storm the African championship in Asaba to announce his arrival on the African scene. He can still further lower the record in Asaba.”
Ibadin had observed on his Twitter handle: “On this very day 3 years ago, I set a goal for myself of wanting to run 1:45 and nearly everyday since then I told myself that I would do it. Today 3 years later it finally happened. Planned and prayed for this moment for a long time. New PR in the 800 1:45.91.”
And now, less than a year after, he has been able to break the Nigerian record. My eyes are set on the African record held by David Rudisha of Kenya standing at 1.40.91s which he set at the Olympic Games in London.
“I wish Rudisha will be coming to Asaba where I want to race against him. My ambition is to take his record in an event he would be competing in.
Ibadin’s coach, Tom Brumlik told www.gongnews.net “the young man is in the top shape now and is set to take on new challenges. If the Nigerians would pay his way to Asaba, Ibadin can actually give some big surprises. I am happy that his hardwork is paying out with good results.”
The Bachelors of Science degree holder in Electrical Engineering had a breakout senior year of college highlighted by a 9th place finish at the 2015 NCAA Indoor championships.
Edose spent the fall looking for employment that fit his athletic and professional goals while, at the same time, adjusting to a new system of training different than his high school and college experiences.  He currently works as an administrative assistant at Rapidly Tax and, like most working-class DMV citizens, wakes up before dawn to catch the metro into the city.  Edose truly embodies the blue collar mentality valued highly by the DTC and sets a great example for his teammates and other DC runners.
What is now left is for the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) to ratify the new record. Ibadin had represented Nigeria at the World Athletics championship in London.(Gongnews)

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