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‘My appointment as Ondo Delegate Coordinator for 2024 governorship election will enhance democratic process’

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Engineer Egan Adat Okon-Effiong, a Cross River State-born APC stalwart, was last week appointed Delegate Coordinator in the Ondo 2024 Local Government Delegate Congress. In this interview, she said her appointment will help enhance democratic processes in the electoral processes.

By Akpan David, Calabar 

How do u feel about this appointment?

I feel very honored and excited about the appointment. Interestingly, this is not going to be the first time I would be taking party in such national assignment. I am a dedicated party faithful, therefore, this will add up to my existing profile. 

In 2014, I served as a delegate from Cross River State at the Presidential Primaries that produced President Mohammadu Buhari as our Party Presidential candidate. In  2015 I was the Party Local Government Agent in Biase LGA of Cross River State, and in 2022 I was a Delegate from Cross River State  at the Party’s National Convention. In the same year, I was also a delegate for the Presidential Election that produced our President, His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the Party Candidate.

As one from Cross River State, did u see the appointment coming? 

The appointment is not unexpected, because the Party leadership rewards result oriented and dedicated party faithful.  The appointment was not necessarily determined by my state of origin.   However, I feel strongly that it was based on recommendations from highly placed and respected party chieftains who have observed my activities over the years. To me therefore, this is a clear acknowledgment and reward for hardwork, loyalty and commitment.

How do you intend to carry out this duty?

The mandate of this appointment is for us to conduct a transparent, credible and near perfect Local Government Delegate Congress for My party. As a  Delegate Coordinator I should be  involved in organizing and managing delegate activities, ensuring a smooth process that will birth the emergence of a credible candidate for my party. 

What is your expectation?

My expectation is that  the appointment will provide me and the team  the opportunity to contribute to the successful conduct  of the Congress : thereby engendering a democratic process in Ondo State. 

What does this appointment mean to you?

This appointment holds significance for me as a chance to make a meaningful impact in the electoral process in tandem with the renewed hope mantra of our party leadership.

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