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Nasarawa Governor Sule woos Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi, opposition to join hands with President Tinubu to build Nigeria

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By our reporter

Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State has called on the 2023 presidential candidate of the opposition Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi to join hands and support President Ahmed Bola Tinubu towards building a virile country.

Governor Sule made the call when he hosted Mr Obi on a courtesy call at the Government House, Lafia on Monday.

The Governor equally extended the call to members of the opposition who hold Peter Obi in high esteem to also support President Tinubu to build Nigeria.

While appreciating the LP presidential candidate for acknowledging that the time for politics is over and what remains now is the time for governance, Governor Sule said President Tinubu needs all the support that he can get in order to get the Nigeria on track.

He stressed that country’s challenges cannot be resolved by only one person.

“I want to sincerely thank you for making the straight statement about there is time for politics and there is time for governance. While thanking you for your kind words, I will also call on you Sir, because I know you have the experience and you have also the competences and capacity to support Mr President in order for us to be on the same page.

“I am calling on you to have the opportunity always to share your experience and knowledge. He is your friend, he is your colleague. We were all in Lagos together and I am sure you will be able to contribute your own quota. Even without the rest of the world knowing what you are contributing,” he stated.

The Governor noted that part of the reasons why Obi was in Nasarawa State was to bring sucour to the people by constructing boreholes, aimed at cushioning the hardships being experienced across the country.

“You are going around the country in order to contribute towards cushioning the effects of the hardships. That is what every one of us is doing. That is exactly what President Ahmed Bola Tinubu is also doing. He is doing everything possible, and he is encouraging all the governors and all the other political office holders to do everything possible to cushion the effects of these hardships,” he said.

He therefore called on Obi to join with all the others who have high respect for him to come together and assist President Tinubu.

“I thoroughly believe Mr President means well for Nigeria but he alone cannot do it. He needs the support from anywhere that he can get in order for us to get to our destination,” he added.

Earlier, while stating his purpose for the visit, Peter Obi said he has started a nationwide project touring various parts of Nigeria to support the people in the face of the prevailing hardship.

The 2023 LP presidential candidate agreed that the time for politics is over and what remains is the time for governance.

“The campaigns are over and it’s time for governance. I am desperate to see Nigeria work and just being desperate to become president,” he said.

Obi appreciated the All Progressives Congress (APC) government for the newly constructed expressway linking Abuja to Lafia, the Nasarawa State capital.

“When I was coming today, I could see some new roads and everything. I did mention to the people who were in the car, we don’t mind these roads being tolled. Let’s have them. That is what is happening all over the world. It’s good that we always appreciate when we see a difference. It is not always about thinking negatively, but we should also appreciate things that are positive,” he added.

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