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Need for Organizational Social Responsibility in giving back to society in Nigeria

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By Lilian Omoyemi Mann

Attending the one-day public hearing on the bill to regulate corporate social responsibility in Nigeria, hosted by Hon. Prof. Oby Lilian Orogbu highlighted the urgent need for organizations within host communities to give back to society.

While some organizations in Nigeria are already demonstrating exemplary CSR practices, much more needs to be done. Organizations must recognize that their success is deeply rooted in the prosperity of their host communities. By supporting the environment where they operate and make profits, organizations can contribute to the well-being of the community and foster a culture of social responsibility.

The proposed bill aims to regulate CSR practices, ensuring that organizations operate in a socially responsible manner, benefiting both the business and the community. The hearing highlighted the significance of CSR in addressing social and environmental issues, such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure development.

Organizations must prioritize the needs of their host communities, recognizing that their operations impact the lives of the people around them. By giving back to society, organizations can:

  • Enhance their reputation and build trust with stakeholders
  • Improve the quality of life for employees and their families
  • Support local economic development and job creation
  • Address social and environmental issues, contributing to a sustainable future

Government and organizations must work together to drive progress. While the government has a critical role in regulating and encouraging CSR practices, organizations must also take ownership of their social responsibility. By collaborating with host communities, organizations can ensure that their CSR initiatives are felt by the community and make a meaningful impact.

In conclusion, the public hearing underscored the imperative need for organizations in Nigeria to embrace CSR as a core aspect of their operations. By giving back to society, organizations can contribute to a better future for all, fostering a culture of social responsibility and sustainability. We can work together to build a Nigeria where organizations and communities thrive together.

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