Newspaper vendor commits suicide in Delta


A 42-year-old newspaper vendor, simply called Ameachi has committed suicide in his one room apartment along Okpe road in Sapele, Delta State.
The dangling body of the man, who is a native of Kwale in Delta State, was discovered on Thursday morning, after he was last seen on Monday.
A source who craved anonymity told Advocate that he was last seen on Monday when he was leaving the house, nobody knew when he came back. We never knew he had hanged himself in his room. It was only this morning when we were beginning to inhale some foul odour and people has been coming to ask of him that we suspected foul play.
“He is a very reserved person and hardly talks to anybody. You hardly find him with anybody, male or female,” the source said.
At the Newspaper Vendors office at Olympia area, newspaper vendors were seen in groups discussing the issue in hush tunes but a vendor who craved anonymity told Advocate that he was owing some sum of money “he came on Monday and we told him to try and pay what he is owing and he left, later we went to look for him but we could not find him, only for us to hear he has hanged himself,” the source said.
As at the time of writing this report, the body of Ameachi was still dangling from his ceiling fan and Advocate learnt that arrangements are been made to evacuate the remains of the deceased. (Advocate)

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