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NFF staffers jubilate over Amaju Pinnick exit


Mr Pinnick
Staffers of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) jubilated over the exit of the board led by Mr Amaju Pinnick. To them, it is good riddance to bad rubbish. They praised former Super Eagles coach, Chief Adegboyega Onigbinde for his quick response and the positions he has taken.
Those who offered to speak with www.gongnews.net opined anonymously that, “we were so happy when the Supreme Court judgement was delivered. The implementation was like taking too long in our eyes. So, when the court bailiffs and policemen led the Giwa group it was like our freedom and independence just came.”
“If you were there when Ambassador Chris Giwa was addressing us, you will see the good nature in him. His board members have been some of the very best that had passed through this institution. No one of us will pray that we encounter a second term under him. We had fasted and prayed for something miraculous to happen. We never prayed for his second term.”
The four years Pinnick managed here was a period of slavery for us. Our salaries is paid for by the Federal Government but our allowances, promotion is by virtue of who you know not how good you are on the job. His exit this way is having the signature of God. All praises to God.”
Another staff said, “the position of Chief Adegboyega Onigbinde on FIFA ban is a serious welcome. We don’t want any form of option that will bring Pinnick back. Our four years under him is the worst I have since the last 15 years I have worked here.”
“Amaju turned us to beggars, he moved the federation secretariat to hotels and caused redundancy among the staff. He carries people who have no business with football and travel with them to places meant for the staff,” they posited.
Another staffer said, “may God never give us another type of Pinnick. Wow! We had the worst administration since I started work here during the time of Mr Patrick Okpomo. Hah! Pinnick era is not describable in words. I think it is the worst ever in the NFF.”(Gongnews)

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