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NGO champions campaign against bullying in schools


Ms Comfort Attah, Executive Director, ASHH Foundation 

By Akanji Alowolodo, Bauchi

Attah Sisters Helping Hand (ASHH) Foundation has commenced training of volunteers on how to stop school bullying and victimatization of children.

The  6 months training is taking place at the ASHH Foundation institute for bullying and peace building in Bauchi.

Speaking at the inauguration of the second batch of volunteers, Executive Director, ASHH Foundation Comfort Attach said the  program aims to reduce school and victimatization of children.

It is also to raise awareness on the negative effects of bullying, increase empathy toward victims and to promote strategies to support to support the the victim and support children’s self efficacy to use the strategies.

According to her, ” Bullying has been with us for long especially among school children. Most times bullies don’t understand the effect of their actions, some think it’s fun but it has an effect on the victim”.

Comfort Attah also said that bullying needs to be nipped at the bud before it leads to violence.

She said that, “Children do drop out of school for fear of bullies while others keep to themselves, so the program will equip you to become trainers and help spread the message in schools and your communities”.

The institute is been supported by a couple from Colorado USA who are interested in bringing minimizing bullying in schools.

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