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NGO takes responsibility for education of four orphaned girls in Bauchi

By Akanji Alowolodu, Bauchi

Relieve has come the of Four orphaned girls in Bauchi as Non-governmental Organization (NGO) known as Girls Education Mission International has agreed to take full responsibilities for their education.

The four orphaned girls whose ages are between 5 and 14, are pupils of Unguwar Borno Primary School, Railway road in Bauchi metropolis

The organisation made the announcement through the Executive Director, Mrs Ketura Shammah, when it visited the School on Friday 7 June, 2024 to see what is going on at the school which it is supporting.

The organisation also gifted school bags and textbooks to the girls as a way of supporting their educational pursuit and make them better citizens in the future.

Keturah while speaking with the Headmaster of the school, stated that GEM International has taken responsibility for paying the school fees of the four girls henceforth.

The girls are orphans and are only privileged to be in School for the first time in their lives.

Ketura pleaded to the school authority that the girls should not be sent home because of schools fees as the organization will ensure their fees are paid in due time.

Considering the risk of having the girls married off while still in school, Ketura Shammah said that the girls whose ambition is to become Lawyer, Doctor and Teacher will be mentored to the journey of having their dreams fulfilled.

In expressing a concern that one of the girls was absent because she had to attend a wedding of her sister, the GEM ED urged the school authorities to ensure that non of them missed school again.

Ketura said that the organization will work alongside the guardians of the girls to ensure the girls reached their potentials in life.

However, on hearing about the coming of the GEM International team to the school, the girl who was absent, quickly came and met the team and also received her bag and books.

She then disclosed that, “We intend to have an operational office in Bauchi State where all our programs will be replicated in the State.”

According to her, “At the moment, we begin with support of girls with scholarships, Sanitary pads, mentorship and conduct teachers training, donation of instructional materials and advocacy.”

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