Nigeria Federal Capital city health workers unease over unpaid salaries


There has been reported cases of growing uneasiness among health workers of the Federal Capital Development Administration (FCTA) over unpaid salaries and other allowances.

Information gathered from staff revealed these alarming issues are not recent events but one which have lingered on for several years despite various negotiation by the health workers especially the resident Doctors.

This issues was said to range from unpaid salaries for some months in 2019, promotion arrears from 2016,
2017, 2018, COVID-19 allowances for the workers at isolation Centre, skipping of newly employed Doctors which has resulted to Health workers in the FCTA groaning.

One of the practitioners who spoke under anonimity said, it is quite unfair to the health workers especially the resident doctors who have their work place as the only source of income adding that Doctors who where promoted and backdated are yet to be paid arrears since 2016 and unfortunately most are due for another promotion hence creating unnecessary backlogs.

He said that it was pertinent to note that in these times of COVID-19 pandemic, the health care frontline workers be given priority considering the number that are being infected on a daily basis.

It is believed that the more these issues pile up the more the uncertainty of the calmness of the health sector.

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