Nigeria Government launches community-led monitoring to fight HIV/AIDS


Nigeria Government has launched the Community Led Monitoring (CLM) for fight against HIV/AIDS at the community level.

The USAIDS Executive Director in Nigeria, Winnie Byanyima said, CLM is a critical element in Community based result of HIV adding that service providers are the ones to decide their priority for monitoring to ensure that Person’s Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHIV/AIDS) have access to quality health services at the community level.

She also said, monitoring and accountability mechanism is needed to improve services and quality of delivery at the community level.

Byanyima said they are committed to support CLM and PLWHIV/AIDS that they can have easy access to treatment and other needed services.

The Director General, National Action for the Control of AIDS (NACA),
Dr. Aliyu Gambo who said the Communities matter in the fight against HIV also said, whatever they do, the Communities muah be considered.

He also expressed confidence in the country’s capacity to end the HIVlAIDS scourge while emphasing the important role of the community engagement in fighting disease.

The DG added that he hoped that the report will give them the baseline on how to do the work better.

The National Coordinator, Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria (NEPWHAN), Ibrahim Abdulkadir highlighted the importance of community monitoring whole commending the support recieved from development partners during the COVID-19.

He said the support made it possible for PLWHIV/AIDS to be able to access their drugs through the Community Pharmacists.

Ibrahim said CLM is key to monitoring the fight against HIV/AIDS adding that it has helped to improve access to healthcare PLWHIV/AIDS adding that 15 Communities were selected during the COVID-19 pandemic in prioritising Communities engagement and the results have been good.

“It is an idea that have resulted to so much achievement and successes so, it is the way to go and therefore, should not be neglected.”

The Chairperson, Association if Women Living With HIV/AIDS, Mrs.
Asumpta Reginald said, all of them are.oartnof this intervention.

She said it is an opportunity for them to advocate for women inclusion in whatever decision that is going on.

She commended all the partners for their support and making sure PLWHIV/AIDS have access to quality drugs and services when needed.

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