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Nigeria: Scary, dangerous path toward erosion of democratic values

By Sadiq Muhammed

It is really scary that our beloved country Nigeria is heading towards a perilous path where the people’s votes no longer carry weight, with the courts assuming unprecedented power.

This poses a significant threat to our democracy, as the erosion of public confidence jeopardizes the entire system. One of the foremost contributors to the diminishing impact of the masses’ votes is the growing influence of the judiciary in political matters.

Courts are increasingly assuming powers that should rightfully belong to the electorate, thereby undermining the essence of democratic governance.

Indeed, it sets a dangerous precedent when judicial decisions begin to outweigh the collective will of the people expressed through the ballot box.

A fundamental pillar of any thriving democracy is the trust and confidence the citizens place in the electoral process. As the votes of the masses seem to carry less weight, public confidence erodes.

When citizens begin to doubt the efficacy of their votes, the very foundation of democracy is shaken. This erosion of trust can breed apathy, disillusionment, and a sense of disenfranchisement among the populace.

Democracy thrives on the active participation of citizens in choosing their leaders. When this participation is undermined, the democratic system itself is at risk.

The danger lies not only in the immediate consequences but in the long-term impact on the democratic ethos of the nation. A democracy that does not reflect the will of the people is a democracy only in name.

Beyond the political realm, Nigeria grapples with challenging socioeconomic conditions. A strained economy, coupled with questionable budgetary allocations, adds to the prevailing discontent.

In a nutshell, Nigeria stands at a critical juncture where the votes of the masses appear to be losing their significance.

The encroachment of the judiciary into the electoral process, coupled with economic challenges and questionable fiscal decisions, paints a concerning picture for the nation’s democratic future.

It is imperative for stakeholders, both within and outside the political system, to recognize the gravity of this situation and work collectively to safeguard the democratic principles that have been hard-fought for in Nigeria’s history.

Failure to address these issues may lead the nation down a perilous path, risking the very essence of its democratic identity.

Muhammed writes from Life Camp, Abuja and can be reach on sadiqu2013@gmail.com, 08056859039

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