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Nigerians urged to be patient, support President Tinubu to refix economy

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Hon. Godfrey Manasseh

By Akanji Alowolodu, Bauchi

Nigerians have been urged to continue to support the President Bola Tinubu-led APC administration as it strives to making Nigeria economically better again. 

The appeal was made by a member of defunct Independent Campaign Council and Chairman, Christian Coalition for Tinubu/Kashim 2023, Bauchi State chapter, Hon Godfrey Manasseh in an interactive session with journalists in Bauchi. 

According to him, “Things are in line with what the President has been doing in the renewed hope agenda. We said it during campaign that Mr. President is reliable, Mr. President is committed, he is dedicated and can be trusted, so far Nigerians are testifying.” 

He also said that,”The promise to cushion the effects of subsidy removal is on-going and everyone is aware of the FG’s  N35, 000 palliative has been going on.” 

According to him, “Even as I speak, the subsidy social reinvestment programme of N25, 000 to millions of Nigerians has commenced as registration, disbursements is ongoing.

“Most importantly, the true impression of Mr President to give loans to, investors that wil also ensure small and medium entreprisers and raise Nigerian economy, he added.

Godfrey Manasseh stressed that, “Beyond that, I have also come here to point to Mr President someone I know is ever committed to the cause of bringing Ahmed Bola Tinubu to power.” 

According to him, “As a Christian from the North, I knew what we went through, I know the level of persecution based on the level of information available which is no longer there.I knew what we went through.”

The politician added that, “what is happening in Plateau state, where we hoping that present Minister of Labour and Employment, Simon Lalong would be sworn in as the Senator representing his constituency, meaning that Plateau state would have a vacancy based on Federal character commission, to nominate another Minister.”

He said that, “With what we have seen from Mr President, with his commitment, with his willingness to give Nigeria a renewed hope agenda, he needs someone who can support him.

“For us, who sacrificed our lives, day and night, in the rain and in the sun because we trusted him. It is necessary at this moment to look at trusted hands that can best fit in when Simon Lalong bows out. We therefore recommend, Amos Gizo, because to us, he represents a man who can deliver,” he stressed.

Manasseh added that, “We recommend Amos Gizo. We called him to come over to Bauchi state to be part of our campaign tour to convince the Christians in Bauchi that Bola Tinubu is our best option.

“We met with all the CAN members in Bauchi . We started the tour to the headquarters of Tafawa Balewa, Dass and Bogoro LGAs and all the local government that have Christians.” 

According to him,”I remember when he was telling them that when Bola Tinubu is sworn in as President, we will return together. I see this as a great opportunity, with his experience as former Senator, with his experience as former National Youths  leader of PDP, with his expeirnce as a Journalist, he will perform.”

He expressed confidence that Gizo has all it takes to be a Minister saying, “Mr Tinubu is aware. When the Christians from the North ran away from Tinubu, Gizo was one of the few that stood by him.

“I have never seen such loyalty. I have never doubted because he was loyal to a man that knows how to reward loyalty which was the perfect ingratiated that brought him on board,” he stressed. 

Manasseh stressed that, “I want to make a plea to Mr President, that we trust to give this opportunity to this man whose loyalty is 100 percent. He gave the renewed agenda 100 percent, he gave BAT 100 percent, he gave APC 100.”

According to him, “Everyone is aware that Christians are becoming quite aware that the Muslim-Muslim ticket was not meant for religious reasons. It has farred well. 2027, Christians are voting Bola Tinubu back to the presidency.” 

He also said that, “We will beg some of them not to contest because they will be many and by the time we have the likes of this man, it will be easy for us to deliver Tinubu in 2027 and if we don’t have people like Amos Gizo who has been committed since day one, it will be difficult to win 2027.

“So, I want to call on Mr President that this is loyalty that pays, his loyalty was smelling all over, his name was changed to Jagaban emilokan. There was no name that he was not called. This loyalty that knows pays let it be established on this man,” he added. 

According to him, “It will look pitiable for us, who, learning from him in all the nooks and crannies, we entered, at the end of the day, this man will not be considered as part of people to put Nigeria on the part of growth, then for us who are learning from President Tinubu, we may end up not learning at all. President Tinubu has so many things on his head and does not need to be reminded of who he is.”

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