North finished with levies imposed by bandits – Hon. Kwapnoe


Hon. Alex Kwapnoe

By Raymond Gukas,Jos

One-time Commissioner of Science and Technology in Plateau state under former governor Jonah Jang, Hon. Alex Kwapnoe, has described as shameful, the alleged takeover of government business by bandits in the north western part. 

He warned in an interview with Apexnews exclusive that “In my opinion, Northern Nigeria is gone, it is no longer part of Nigeria, in time we will all come to accept that”

He regretted that the governors and leaders in the region have elected to relinquish control of the zone to terrorists, who daily torment the commenters who have no choice than to obey or die.

He spoke over recent levies that were earned for communities by the bandits that were partially paid and wondered if the tax goven to the government was of any use. 

Hon. Kwapnoe who is also the current chairman of “Plateau Our Heritage,  POH, added that it was unthinkable for those in authority to negotiate with terrorists simply because they do not want to get sacked if they say the truth. 

“in their exalted positions, they have to pay the terrorists and negotiate with them to stay alive and safe in their government seats. Believe what you like but that is the reality of the situation”, he added.

He advised President Muhammadu  Buhari  to reclaim the North back to it’s former glory, adding that it “will require a huge non compromising military action, the like we have not seen since the civil war” 

Hon. Kwapnoe said the “ordinary peace loving fulani man, woman and child is also a victim in all of this, we will do well to remember that, too when the time comes but the question now is, will the terrorists advance south before Buhari’s tenure ends or will they be content with owning the North?” 

Regrettably , he stressed that for now “we can forget any international assistance, we are on our own. The international community want to see mass action from Nigerians before they will lift a finger. They want to see that we the masses are not content with this lot. In their view, as far as things stand, Nigeria is relatively stable and that is good enough for them for now” and counsel that the time has come for governments to be proactive to give the people sense of belonging.

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