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Norwegians are 1, 2, 3 Forbes’ world’s youngest billionaires

Alexandra is world’s richest young person
Norwegian sisters, Alexandra and Katharina are first and second placed respectively in Forbes’ 2018 youngest billionaires as another Norwegian, Gustav round up in third. Apex News presents top 7 youngest billionaires with their world ranting.

World ranting    Name                                    Net Worth          Age        Source                                  Country of Citizenship
#1650                    Alexandra Andresen      $1.4 B                    21           investments       Norway
#1650                    Katharina Andresen        $1.4 B                    23           investments       Norway
#1284                    Gustav Magnar Witzoe $1.9 B                    25           fish farming        Norway
#2124                    John Collison                      $1 B                        27           Stripe                    Ireland
#527                      Evan Spiegel                       $4.1 B                    28           Snapchat             United States
#1394                    Ludwig Theodor Braun $1.7 B                    28           Medical technology        Germany
#514                      Bobby Murphy                 $4.2 B                    29           Snapchat             United States


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