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NSF to host first ever blind scrabble tournament

The Nigeria Scrabble Federation (NSF) on Tuesday said plans are underway to hold the first ever blind scrabble tournament in the world.
Suleiman Gora, President of NSF, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that the federation was working with the National Initiative for the Blind to hold the tournament.
According to him, the NSF is also working with the blind and the Hemophilia Group in organising the tournament.
“We will be the first country to play blind scrabble, the major problem we have with the blind was getting the right tools, the right board and dictionary.
“We have been able to get the Brail Board and the Brail dictionary, it has been designed in such a way that the blind can now play the Game.
“We are doing this in partnership with the National Initiative for the Blind. As I am talking to you, the blind are already practicing on how to play scrabble.
“We are now working and waiting to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Initiative for the Blind with the support of the Federal Ministry of Youths and Sports Development.
“We will now organise the first scrabble tournament for the blind in the world,’’ Gora said.
The NSF president said that the Hemophilia Group has to do with young people who has blood disease disorder which if they have an injury could make the victim bleed to death, as such they are not allowed to play physical games.
“Though they are normal children, they are intelligent but unfortunately, they are very fragile in terms of their skin and they react to any slight injury.
“The federation have decided to carry them along and make them feel a sense of belonging, by giving them the opportunity to play scrabble.
“We have brought them into scrabble, chess and other indoor games, so that they can be able to play with other normal children to avoid been isolated.
“We are granting them opportunities to play Scrabble in Schools in the six geopolitical zones of the federation in Synergy with their Foundation,’’ he said.
Gora said that the federation is also working with Hemophilia Foundation of Nigeria. (NAN)

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