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Olumba Obu cautions David Ibiyeome against false allegations


His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu

By Akpan David, Calabar

The spiritual leader of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu has advised the general overseer of Salvation Ministries, David Ibiyeome to desist from spreading unfounded allegations.

There are reports that last week Ibiyeome allegedly uploaded a video clip alleging that he had uprooted juju from ‘Olumba’s church’ and had closed it down.

Reacting, the respected spiritual leader said there is no secret in his Organization except practical demonstration of virtues of God.

He asked that Ibiyeome be told that He has no business with juju or shrine except righteousness and ability to love.

“There is no secret in Brotherhood. All that one David Ibiyeome is talking, is rubbish! He claimed he uprooted something in Brotherhood compound, that he has exposed Olumba. Which Olumba is that?

“Does Olumba has anything to do with juju? Have you ever heard? Anybody you see in Brotherhood doing juju is not of Olumba, has no business with Olumba! Because Olumba has nothing to do with juju.

“So tell David Ibiyeome that, Olumba has no business with juju…”

Cautioning, Olumba declared that, time has come for God to disgrace all the deceivers. “All those who go around deceiving people in the name of God, using God’s name to deceive, time has come for you suffer, for you to receive all your punishment! All those people that you have deceived, you will pay for it! You can’t go scot free, so be very careful.”

The spiritual leader strongly condemned all those that indulge in and patronise necromancer, occultism, cultism, metaphysics and such nocturnal practices.

  1. Bro Meshack says

    Thank You Father…

  2. Joshua Isaac says

    Ibiyoeme or what you call your self,don’t put your hand for what you don’t know,face your business,and leave other man own,what I will tell you that you didn’t have right to judge or condemn others,if you don’t want to be judge or condemn too,the said show me your friend and I will tell you who you are,you are friend to politicians,tell me if politicians are righteous people,or you want to bring out your leck

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