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Plateau South Senatorial District: Did Governor Lalong ‘begged’ Tallen to step-down?


Plateau Governor Lalong greets Minister of Women Affairs, Pauline Tallen, right

Governor Simon Lalong is geared to contest for Plateau South Senatorial District seat in 2023 after his expiration of his two-term tenure. However, having shown interest in the same position, Minister of Women Affairs, Pauline Tallen later withdrew. Did Governor Lalong appealed to the minister to withdraw? Apex News Exclusive looked at the matter.

By Raymond Gukas, Jos

The gale of resignations which has hit the political office holders in the Nigerian polity has been observed with mixed commentaries trailing as they are of diverse views.
Opinions hinge on sections, tribes, religion and even economic. While some are of the opinion that some of the political figures, albeit politicians, have shown enough traces of greed in the first place, others considered positions to be vacated would leave a big vacuum to be filled based on programmes and policies the person in question has initiated before now.
The question still is that why did the personalities came about indicating interests especially when they are not sure they will pursue their dreams to conclusion?
This brings us to the story of the Minister of Women Affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen who, after indicating interest to contest the Plateau South Senatorial District seat and has begun to attract very jubilation, suddenly “begs” to stay on as minister.
Indeed, the shovelled jubilation seems not to be in favour of her aspiration, but to see how she would humiliate the Plateau State Governor, Simon Bako Lalong, who, after eight years of steering the ship of the state, is hoping he will go to the Senate.
Though it was not clear, if the claims by Tallen that “Women groups and other stakeholders” bought her the Senatorial form could still stand, it will do a lot of good to her teeming supporters if indeed, she had at one-time muted the idea.
However, she had stressed in her letter of resignation that “…Consequently, I wish to inform you all that following broad-based consultations and interventions from critical stakeholders, I have decided to withdraw from running for the senatorial seat mindful of our accomplishments and the notable progress we have recorded under my stewardship at the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs.
“With profound gratitude and great humility, I have decided to voluntarily step down from the Senatorial race sequel to the yearnings of Women and other well-meaning Nigerians who see the need for a strong voice for Women at the Senate having consulted widely with my family, well-wishers and supporters conscious of the role I play for Women in Nigeria today!
“So, to all Nigerian Women and young girls who have raised concerns as to what next, rest assured that I, Dame Pauline K. Tallen, OFR, KSG have not submitted any resignation letter and therefore, it is my decision not to go ahead with this request but carry on as the Minister of Women Affairs.”
Quite plausible as can be seen. This, however has put to rest, the “growing tension and anxiety” in the camp of Governor Lalong who, it was gathered was wondering how to prosecute his senatorial dream with the person of Tallen in the race.
Did he reach out to her? Tallen, a woman of timber and calibre is a force to be reckoned with any time, especially in the annals of Plateau politics.
Hailed from the same Shendam Local Government Area of Plateau State with Governor Lalong, she had reasons to disagree at certain points with the administrative policies of her brother-governor, but she has refused to let out such quarrels even when the supposed enemies of Lalong had wished she began the process to throw the gauntlet.
It is still fresh in the memory of political observers, during the death of the distinguished Senator of the Plateau South Senatorial District, Ignatius Longjan.
The period of scouting for a replacement of the late senator had heated up the polity of the zone when it was alleged that the forces gearing up to upstage Lalong and his “preferred” candidate was received with great excitement.
Tallen and the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Idris Wase was in the front burner as the duo were alleged to be gunning for the emergence of the former Lalong’s Chief of Staff, Mr. John Da’afan.
Though, the knitty-gritty of that power play eventually gave way to the supposed Lalong candidate, Senator Professor Nora Dadu’ut, is alleged to be holding brief for him in 2023.
But Tallen who have never expressed any misgivings between her and Lalong in the public glare, has withdrawn her interest for the position. What does this potent for the ambition of Lalong?
This thinking is coming at a time “facts” are emerging that the dogged Tallen must have fallen for “intense pressure” from the outside after Lalong might have appealed to the imaginary personalities behind the pressure to work on Tallen. 
If this is true, then Lalong is not one that can be wished away by a mere hand, which is enough proof that he is worth his onions afterall? 
Again, can Tallen be so easily tamed to abandon a course she had wanted to use to prove a point? Answers to these would unveil themselves sooner than later.

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  1. Ralph says

    The fact that the iron lady of Goemai land should not make it look to Gov. Along that it will be rosy and a smooth sail for him to get to the Red Chambers. The outcome of the APC Gubernatorial Primaries would determine his fate to a large extent. I wish him the best anyway.

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