Prioritise Citizenship and Leadership Training Center for effective leadership, economic development, CSO tells FG


President Muhammadu Buhari

By Dave Iyima

A civil society organisation, Civil Society Network for Good Governance, has identified the Citizenship and Leadership Training Center (CLTC) as having the potential to producing qualitative leadership that will drive the development of the nation.

Consequently, it urged the Federal Government to beef up funding of the Centre to enable it deliver on its mandate.

The CSO in a statement signed by its national secretary, Comrd. Ogwuche Jonathan explained that the CSOs took the decision at the end of it’s 16th extraordinary general meeting in Abuja after x-raying government institutions that have capacity to transform the fortunes of average Nigerians at a time government is making efforts to improve the economic standing of ordinary citizens.

“One of such key institutions that we have had cause to engage with in the last year that has made frantic efforts to develop the capacities of ordinary Nigerians and yet relatively obscured is the Citizenship and Leadership Training Center (CLTC), which is domiciled in the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development with the mandate to produce competent leaders and citizens through trainings of various kinds.

“Our discreet review of the performance of the management of the Citizenship and Leadership Training Center, under the leadership of Mr. Jonah B. Bawa as Director General, revealed an organization on the rise and being positioned for Nigeria to reap from its products in the decades to come.

“The Center has been repositioned and has begun to make impact through more impactful programmes and greater activities. Mr. Bawa and his team have returned the IGR of the Center to a positive returns, at a time when government revenue is in decline, while embarking on unprecedented infrastructural development on its facilities in Lagos and Plateau states.
We commend Mr. Bawa and his team on their dedication to duty which has given us hope in the unlimited possibilities that the Center holds for Nigeria’s future leadership recruitment pool.

“We equally commend the Honourable Minister for Youth Development for the resurgence in the CLTC, under his supervision as Minister of Youth and Sports Development, giving the Center greater responsibility in actualizing his vision for youth development. We also commend Distinguish Sen. Obinna Joseph Ogba and Hon. Hon Yemi Adaramodu.

“While we commend them, we equally call for improve funding for the Center, to expand the pool of beneficiaries, especially in the face of the wave of divisive and unpatriotic elements, which creates an urgent need for citizens’ mobilization towards more patriotism”, the statement added.

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