Private sector integral to success of any society – Coke-Hamilton


Pamela Coke-Hamilton

By Anthony Maliki

The private sector is integral to the success of any society and whenever its affected, the economy is affected, the Executive Director International Trade Centre, Pamela Coke-Hamilton has said.
The ITC ED who also said the private sector is the engine of any society stated that whenever the social construct is affected everything becomes problematic adding that the sector is the poser behind the success of the society.
Coke-Hamilton who was speaking when her Centre paid a courtesy call on the Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FEWACCI) and Abuja Business Community at Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) added that Covid has shown a few things which need to be pointed out.
“The first is that digitalization is here to stay. If you are not digital, you do not exist. We must understand that connectivity is no longer a want-to-have but a must-have. This must be embedded in the foundation of the private sector development. If you are not digital, you do not exist. We must understand that connectivity is no longer a want-to-have but a must-have. This must be embedded in the foundation of the private sector development.”
She secondly, women’s economic empowerment is integral to the society and the concept of women working is not new to Africa.

“The problem is not with having to fight for space. The problem is the in-built inequality that disenfranchises women (it could sometimes be with respect to access to finance, collateral, finding space). These issues need to be addressed. An economy that empowers women also becomes a more powerful economy.
“It shows the importance of global value chains as it was evident various regions were intertwined and needed support from each other to produce certain goods which was hampered.”

She added that we need to ensure these global value chains work and Nigeria’s insertion is assured while also adding that ITC is always ready to help Nigeria as long as it can identify problems requiring.
FEWACCI President, Faman Toure represented by the ED, Aminou Akadiri at the meeting commended the Executive Director, ITC for her visit and thanked her for her support to FEWACCI.

He added that the President of
FEWACCI would like this same support to be extended to NACCIMA, particularly ACCI.

The President ACCI, Dr. Al-Mujtaba Abubakar who hosted the meeting lauded the appointment of Coke-Hamilton while saying it is not surprising that she has been appointed for this role.

Dr. Abubakar said the ED wealth of experience, and performance in International Trade and in strengthening private sector across the globe is worthy of note.

“I appreciate your efforts in addressing the challenges encountered by women while doing business through the creation of a platform called Women Empowered through Export (WeXport). We commend you for making Nigeria, and Abuja precisely your first point of visit since you took a new mandate at ITC.
“We applaud ITC for being selected by the European Union to implement the West Africa Competitiveness (WACOMP) Programme, and also for its SheTrades initiative which enables women entrepreneurs and women-owned SMEs to have a unique platform that connect them to markets.’
ACCI Presient also said the partnership between FEWACCI, National Chambers of Commerce and ITC has led to some remarkable initiatives and yielded great results¾
“We have also been engaged in meaningful collaborations and based on our strategic positioning within the ECOWAS region, we reassure the ITC of FEWACCI’s capacity to stand as a focal point in its works to achieve the SDG goals and build the capacity of National organizations to trade worldwide and also to assist them in providing support for women and youth.
“Holding this meeting at the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry is of huge benefits since ACCI is located at the capital of Nigeria and has a reputable network of thousands of SMEs from diverse sectors across the country, which will create an venue for more partnerships.”

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