Restructuring: Lawyer calls for national conference


By Akpan David, Calabar

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Mba Ukweni has called on the National Assembly to move from one state to another, consulting with the people on the issue of restructuring of the country.

He advised that, in addition to ongoing review of the federal Constitution, the National Assembly should also convoke a national conference to give the people ample opportunity to discuss the basis of their coexistence.

He said he does not and will not support violent alternative to achieve the desire of restructuring as being canvassed by IPOB and western states.

“It is generally known that Nigeria as it presently is was a forced marriage. I have no quarrel with that but there has to be a conference for the people to discuss how they should co-exist.

“Even in marriage, husband and wife in a home do discuss how their marriage should go. I don’t support ongoing violent agitation but I strongly support convocation of a roundtable discussion on a peaceful coexistence. National Assembly should consult the people state by state..”

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