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Sad as new born baby stabbed, dumped inside drainage in Onitsha


File photo: A typical drainage and dump in Onitsha
By Sunny A. David, Onitsha
A newborn baby was on Thursday discovered wrapped in a black polythene bag and dumped inside the drainage along Enugu/Onitsha Expressway by Romchi Park around Upper Iweka.
Passersby, hawkers and drivers gathered around the area to have a look at the baby who was already dead.
Commenting on the incident, Mr. Ejike Omeke, who work at a park along the axis, told Apex News that he was working when a cart pusher alerted him that the content in the nylon is a baby.
He added that the cart pusher went into the drainage and brought out the nylon for them to examine the baby who was stabbed at the side of his stomach.
He condemned the callous act and cautioned people to be mindful of the kind of life they live.
In their separate reactions, Mrs Uchanna Obiora and Ngozi Ebere, decried the act and advised perpetrators of such dastardly acts to take such babies to children’s homes rather than killing them.
They advised mothers to monitor their female children and give them the basic training to guard against unwanted pregnancies.

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