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School Of Rock child star arrested after guitar-stealing RAMPAGE


CHILD STAR: School Of Rock star Joey Gaydos Jr seems to be in hot water (Pic: GETTY)
School Of Rock actor Joey Gaydos Jr is allegedly facing charges after a thieving-spree.
Most of us know Joey Gaydos Jr for his role as a bashful young guitarist in School Of Rock.
More than 15 years after the film’s release, however, the one-time child star has run into trouble with the law.
The 27-year-old was reportedly caught snatching four guitars and an amplifier from music shops across Florida.
According to TMZ, the actor asked to test out the instruments before thieving them from the stores.

Sadly, it was claimed that he attempted to sell the stolen guitars in pawn shops to make money to fuel an alleged drug habit.
The School Of Rock star was reportedly arrested on five separate occasions over four weeks after each shoplifting-spree.
Joey now allegedly faces charges of larceny and grand theft.

CROWD-PLEASER: School Of Rock star Joey Gaydos Jr performs with co-star Jack Black (Pic: GETTY)

The stolen guitars didn’t come cheap, with the gold Gibson Les Paul model he robbed retailing at $1,900.
He was also alleged to have plucked a black Fender Stratocaster worth $699 and a blue Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy guitar valued at $800.
In the 2003 film, the US actor played Zack-Attack Mooneyham, a timid kid that discovers a passion for rock music and playing guitar.
The comedy-blockbuster was a worldwide success, making a staggering $131million (£99.6million) at the box office.
He starred alongside singer and funnyman Jack Black, showing off his impressive performance skills at just 12-years old.
After this sad turn of events, we wish Joey Gaydos Jr a speedy recovery. (Daily Star)
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