Sen. Adokwe urges Christians to abide by purpose of Christmas


Senator Adokwe

Senator Suleiman Adokwe has called on Christians to celebrate Christmas according to its purpose.

Adokwe,who is the Senate Committee Chairman on Information and the Senatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), made the call on Tuesday in Keana.
The lawmaker made the call immediately after Church service in Keana, keana Local Government Area of the state.
According to him, Christians should celebrate Christmas with practical demonstration of love by sharing gifts and food with others, just like Christ loved all.
The Senator also urged the people to eschew revenge and embrace each other, irrespective of their differences, as the only precondition for peace and development of the country.
Adokwe, therefore, wished Nigerians happy Christmas.
Earlier during the Church service, Rev. Moses Osakede, In-charge of Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ (ERCC), Keana, advised Christians to live exemplary life during and after Christmas.
He said that celebration of the birth of Christ was supposed to be done in love, unity, peace and togetherness by living an exemplary life.
“Instead of people, particularly Christians, exhibiting good virtues that will please God, a lot of them have chosen the birth of Christ to perpetrate evil.
“We are supposed to do things that will glorify God on the occasion of his birth and not things that will glorify the devil.
“Some people indulge in formication, drunkenness, consumption of illicit drugs among others instead of doing things that will glorify God,” the Cleric said.
He, therefore, called on Nigerians, especially leaders, to rise up to their responsibility by speaking against vices in private and in public.

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