Sex workers rain curses on Anambra gov’t over demolished shanties


By Sunny A. David, Onitsha
Angry commercial sex work­ers reputed to operate from make-shift structures at Umumpama Aboji village, Oba, Idemili South Local Government Area, Anambra State, were seen raining curses on the state government and its task force on demolition of illegal structures for allegedly pulling down their structures.
The taskforce, which reportedly stormed the area with bulldozers for the demolition of the shanties located from Oba/Nnewi new road junction up to Oba International Market along the Onitsha/Owerri Expressway in Oba, faced a back­lash from the sex workers and their customers, mostly commer­cial drivers.
One of the sex workers who claimed to have come from Imo state and simply identified as ‘smallie’ hinted that she had been in her demolished structure for seven years and cursed the task­force team saying, “your house will also be demolished like mine and your children rendered homeless.
She claimed to have personally built the hut she occupied and won­dered what she and her customers would do after the demolition.
Also reacting, another sex worker who did not want her name in print urged the government to repair the demolished structures so as to help reduce unemployment and crime.
According to her, “we are not unemployed but government wants to send us to the labour market. They will lose because there will be increase in crime. Again rape cases will increase; married women are not safe even if some of them are with us here.”
A driver who said he plied the road on daily basis accused the taskforce of worsening the prob­lem of the people instead of assist­ing adding, “I relax here after the day’s work but now I have to look for an alternative place”.
Contacted, the President General of Aboji Akanano village, Chief Dozie Nweke, stated that, “the demolition is one of the good things that have happened to this community.
Since the ban on mo­torcycles the crime and criminali­ty increased in our place and this is their hideout. The sex workers that include married women from nearby states come here and hide as sex workers.
“I thank the state governor, Wil­lie Obiano and the taskforce; but let the governor build a permanent structure for butter business. Crim­inals used this place as safe haven after committing atrocities in Onit­sha. They use the sex workers as shield and pay them a lot of money.”

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