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Sokoto domestic election network petitions President Buhari over insecurity

By Anthony Maliki

The Network for Domestic Election Monitors, Sokoto State Chapter has expressed dismay despite strategic appointments of persons from the state it hasn’t translated positively in ensuring proper coordination and provide effective security in the State.
The Network stated this in petition to President Muhammadu Buhari tagged “Sokoto 2023: A call to order! A stitch in time saves nine.”
Here is the full petition signed on behalf of the Network by its Sokoto State representative, Prof Sani Abubakar Yar’sakke Esq and also copied many individuals and organisations:

Address: Lamido Adamawa Road T/wada Area Sokoto
Phone No.: 09038762812, 0802857759
His Excellency
Muhammadu Buhari
Federal Republic of Nigeria
Aso Rock Presidential Villa
State House

Excellency Sir,



We are a domestic non-partisan, non-profit, and non-governmental organization working with both local and international partners around the world to strengthen and safeguard democratic institutions, processes, norms and values to secure a better quality of life for all. We work to ensure equity, diversity, mainstreaming and inclusion. Our team envisions societies and communities where freedom, justice and democracy prevail, with dignity for all.

We wish to start by reaffirming our commitment to the principles and ideals of democratic governance. We believe only a system of government that guarantees true expression of the wishes of the people in determining their leadership can ensure good and accountable stewardship.

  1. As a group, we are inspired by the principle of government of the people, by the people, and for the people. This is our motivation for active participation in the agitation for good, democratic governance as members of civil society.
  2. As we watch political parties field candidates for various elective offices, we reiterate that such contest should not, in any way preclude adherence to the principles of freedom of choice, through free and fair elections. We believe in the constitutional right of all eligible citizens to vote for leaders of their choice, without let or hindrance.
  3. We recall that at the inception of the current democratic dispensation in 2019, the entire people of Sokoto State had high hopes that the 2023 elections would be most free and peaceful. This optimism was propelled by the number of strategic offices at national level occupied by indigenes of the state. These positions are relevant to defence, national security, law and order.

I). The Chairman, Senate Committee on Defence, who is a former Governor of the state, Sen Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko

II). The Chairman, Senate Committee on National Security and Intelligence, Sen Ibrahim Abdullahi Gobir

III). The Vice Chairman Senate Committee on Police Affairs, Sen Ibrahim Abdullahi Danbaba

IV). The Vice Chairman Senate Committee on Anti Corruption, still Sen Aliyu M. Wamakko

V). The Senate Leader now, Sen Ibrahim Abdullahi Gobir, who has vacated his position as Chairman Senate Committee on Intelligence and National Security to Sen Ibrahim Abdullahi Danbaba.

VI). The Honorable Minister of Police Affairs, Muhammadu Maigari Dingyaɗi

VII). The Executive Secretary of Nigeria Police Trust Fund Ahmed Aliyu Sokoto, who is now the APC Gubernatorial Candidate. The position has yet again been passed to Abdullahi Bala Sokoto as the new Executive Secretary.

  1. Many people in the State had hoped that these strategic appointments would translate positively in ensuring proper coordination and provide effective security in the State. Sadly however, the State has never been so brutally and persistently attacked and traumatized as in the last three years! Countless precious lives have been lost, and are still being lost unabated to the menace of banditry. Hundreds of thousands of our people have fled their homes leaving as refugees within the State, in neighboring states and Niger Republic. It is also disturbing to note that thousands of our people have been pauperized due to cattle rustling and other related criminal acts.
  2. We are deeply concerned that countdown to the 2023 general elections, the numerous interference in subverting the maintenance of law and order is compelling rational individuals to conclude that these positions being held by the State indigenes at National level, were sought for, to be used for self-serving purposes, and more importantly to enhance their electoral fortunes. The following are some of their glaring cases of abuse of office:-

a) They now constitute a major hindrance to lawful and orderly campaigns and elections in Sokoto State, by unduly interfering with the efforts of relevant agencies to ensure adherence to laws guiding the conduct of political activities. The Sokoto Urban and Regional Planning Board recently complained of difficulty enforcing regulations on fixing of bill boards and posters indiscriminately.

b) The people of Sokoto State and indeed, the rest of Nigeria, are still recovering from the shock of recent attack on the campaign convoy of the Governor of Sokoto State, at the gates of the Constituency office of the Senator representing Sokoto North Senatorial district, Sen Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko. Of greater shock is the sustained pressure on security agencies by this group of politicians to secure the release of the attackers and their leaders.

c) Credible Intelligence gathered confirm maneuvers in the appointment and postings of electoral officers

d) We are equally aware of the maneuvers and clandestine efforts of the group to enforce their will on security agencies, particularly those they superintend to ensure undue advantage in the coming elections.

  1. We are aware that these elements are in partnership with some powerful forces within their party to manipulate and subvert the electoral process in the coming 2023 general elections.
  2. The President as a statesman has pledged repeatedly to bequeath credible and transparent transition as the final legacy of his administration. We passionately appeal to the President and the electoral umpire to ensure that these fifth columnists do not succeed in subverting our collective quest for credible polls.
  3. We similarly urge the nation’s security agencies to uphold their constitutional duty and obligation to the people, whose interests they are established to serve and protect, by not subordinating themselves to the whims and caprices of unscrupulous politicians bent on abusing their offices and public trust.
  4. In the same vein, we find it exigent to alert the people of Sokoto State of these developments, while calling on all citizens to be law-abiding during all the phases of the 2023 elections and resist any effort or inducement by selfish elements to involve them in illegal activities. The electorate should safeguard their right of franchise by remaining vigilant and resist any attempt at manipulating the process.
  5. Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Prof Sani Abubakar Yar’sakke Esq.

Senate president
Chief justice of Nigeria
Chairman INEC
CHIEF OF Defence Staff
Chief of Army Staff
Inspector General of Police
Chief of Staff to the President
Hon. Attorney General of the Fed. And Minister of Justice
Minister of Police Affairs
Chairman EFCC
Chairman ICPC
Executive Sec. Code of Conduct Bureau
Commissioner of Police Sokoto state
Director DSS Sokoto State
The country Representative UN
The Ambassador US Embassy
The High Commissioner UK
The country Representative EU
The country Representative Transparency International
All Media Organizations

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