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Taraba SDP governorship candidate, Baido urges religious leaders to champion cause of justice, fairness reminds them of power shift


Hon. Danladi Baido

By our reporter

The gubernatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), in Taraba State, Danladi Baido, has urged religious leaders in the state to champion the cause of justice that would deepen unity and advance democracy ahead of the February 25 and March 11 elections.

Baido also asked religious leaders to speak the truth by going round the state as usual, to tell their congregtations the truth that power is shifting to the Northern zone and desist from efforts by some politicians to substitute truth with sentiments.

A statement by the Uban Gayya Mass Movement Media Office said the SDP candidate spoke during a town hall meeting with some Christian leaders from the state.

“Our scriptures demand justice of us as believers. May we always honor that demand.

“That principle of fairness and justice also requires that leadership of society should be based on the quality of one’s ideas, character and accomplishments, rather than on traits unrelated to the ability to lead and govern justly, honestly.

“The recorded history of our faith shows how our Noble Prophet led a plural community. He did not confer special advantage to his own tribe, or clan.

“In many instances he placed others ahead of his own relatives. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has set a golden example for us,” he said.

He said leaders of faith must act as pillars of unity, rather than agents of division.

“Afraid they cannot win fairly at the ballot, desperate politicians are bent on recruiting otherwise eminent Christian to desist from the 2015 agreed power rotation. They want servants of God like yourselves to turn against your own convictions. They want you to preach division and stir negative sentiments.

“Please resist these evil-doers and their unholy messages, by standing by the truth. They seek to enter office by fouling the state. Too much is at stake to allow such tricks to succeed.

“My request is a simple and fair one. Please insist on power Rotation agreement started in 2015 and candidate’s record of performance and the quality of his policies.”

He said the forthcoming election should not be tenue elongation by Southern zone or viewed in isolation, but as “a continuation of a noble quest and an unjust, unenlightened challenge to that quest”.

He reminded the gathering that the SDP was re-established in the state to sustain the power rotation and provide progressive good governance in Taraba State to reshape Taraba into a more compassionate, just and prosperous home for all, “whether they be rich or poor, famous or unknown, Muslim or Christian”.

Baido explained that despite challenges and the push-pull effects by Southern zone to retain power, progress has been made.

“If elected, terrorists will be push back from where they came from. People will return to their homes. Farmers will be more productive. Even if our government will have less money at its disposal, we will care for the poor and do better than any prior administration.

“We will struggle to place the economy on more solid ground so that we will no rely on federation allocation but we will gainfully employ more of our people in making things that will improve the quality of life for all.

“We have sought to revive the ethical fiber of the state and to reaffirm the high moral quality of our purpose,” he said.

Baido said the election is a continuation of this epic struggle to sustain powershift, fairness, progress and hope against their opposites.   

“As such, I do not see this campaign as one of personal ambition. I campaign to serve a greater purpose. I campaign to do great things for the state but not for myself.

“No matter how hard and difficult their stands against our just cause, power Rotation, we will not relent in our pursuit of a better, more tolerant and good united Taraba State. And with the help of Almighty God, we know truth shall prevail.”
Baido also charged religious leaders to urge their followers to vote wisely for powershift.

“May they vote for the candidate who truly has a vision for a more peaceful, more prosperous Taraba State.

 “Let them elect someone who has demonstrated the capacity to deliver that brighter future.  

“If elected, my highest priorities shall be the protection of our land and prosperity of its people.  Security and economic progress will form the fulcrum of my government.”

Baido promised to build on the progress made by the current administration by putting an end to terror, kidnapping and violent crime in the state.

“To increase prosperity, we must reform the very foundation of our economy by prioritizing innovation and employment of our youths while  discouraging idolness.

“We must become a dynamic economy that can make most of the goods that we need and one where those who want to work can find a good job.

“Under my watch, we will facilitate the quick commercial operation our rice, casava, yam etc.. We will pay adequate attention to other important projects.

“Most importantly, we will turn our eye to those who think they are unseen or forgotten.

“If elected, my government will work with you, as religious leaders, toward a lasting solution to religious differnces.”

Participants at the townhall meeting pledged to support the SDP Candidate and urged him to be just to all Tarabans when elected into office.

The meeting was attended by the SDP Deputy Gubernatorial Candidate, Ahmad Dattijo; SDP Southern zone Senatorial Candidate, Michael Magaji, DG Baido/Dattijo Gubernatorial Campaign Council, Kawu Senator, SDP State Chairman, Elder Philip Achagwa, among other chieftains of the party.

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