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Taraba State and Its Crumbling Health System


Good health is not the absence of symptoms, it’s the presence of peace- Neale Donald Walsch
There is a popular saying that health goes hand in hand with peace. Some will tell you health is wealth. Majority of the people that have experienced unquantifiable health issues would agree that nothing beats good health.

No matter how stable the economic sector of a state is, the health system must be of a good standard for residents to feel secure. Let’s imagine the depth of fear and agony one would suffer from not getting a standard medical care despite having money to settle the bills.

Worse still; what about the people that do not have enough money to get good treatment plus the absence of good medical care. To say this is disheartening and traumatic is an understatement.

However, these have been some of the terrible things Tarabians are facing. While many residents thought they’ve suffered enough from the barbaric attacks by bandits which been persistently claiming lives and properties, the reality struck many in the face after the resignation of consultants at the 20-year-old Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Jalingo, Taraba State.

The actions of these medical practitioners for shunning new equipment at the state medical center for overseas jobs have left FMC desolate and lots of patients unattended due to insufficient staff and the absence of experts.
In a report made by ICRNigeria, Aisha Adamu, the faculty’s Medical Director said that the medical center was left with less than 15 consultants. Consequently, making it impossible to render certain services which have caused many people to travel from Jalingo to other states or cities for treatment.

It saddens the heart that this action passes two strong negative messages, not just to Nigerians but to other Africans. One, that the consultants may not have been given sustainable salaries which made them to accept better offers abroad. Two, that the medical consultants choose to work in other country rather than theirs for reasons best known to them.

The Tarba state government should focus on revamping the crumbling health system in the state by providing crisis-ridden communities with medical assistance, equipping the cottage hospitals, and partnering with other medical NGOs to provide free medical services to target and vulnerable communities.

The state government should also work towards sponsoring more patients within the state hospitals, building and equipping more hospitals, providing more mobile clinics and ambulances for public use, and distributing of several foreign-made motorized hospital beds to clinics and hospitals.
These among many other things have been done by the DSK foundation which was founded and led by Chief David Sabo Kente. His love for humanity and the people made him stretch to reach out to more people that need help. Some of his other achievements include collaboration with GRACE Foundation U.S.A in distributing 30 wheelchairs to people with disabilities in Taraba State and provision of 11 hand pump boreholes in Aananaba.

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