To come tops, don’t oversleep – 1st Class Computer Science graduate, loves rap music too


Amula ‘Certifiedgenius’ Apake
Amula Apake is the son of Mr. Daniel Amaku Amula and late Mrs. Susan Awusonabi Amula. He started his academic journey at Ternamdoo Nursery and Primary School, Makurdi, Benue State and enrolled in the Anglican Secondary School, Makurdi where he obtained his O’ Level certificate in 2009. He acquired a National Diploma and BSc. in Computer Science from the Federal Polytechnic Idah and University of Jos respectively. He shares with Daily Trust Saturday how he was able to graduate with a First Class degree in Computer Science.
Daily Trust: How does it feel graduating with a First Class?
Amula: I feel normal. Although it is good to know that my hard work yielded good result.
DT: Did you expect to graduate with such flying colours?
Amula: Yes I did. Before gaining admission into the University, I acquired a National Diploma in Computer Science from Federal Polytechnic, Idah which I finished with a Distinction from one of the toughest departments. So my confidence level was already high and I knew I could replicate same in the university.
DT: How did you achieve this result?
Amula: I was curious to know more, I had and still have deep hunger for knowledge and I knew my strengths and weaknesses. I started on a strong note and I kept getting better every semester. My 300 Level was better than my 200 Level and my 400 Level was better than 300 Level. In fact my 400 Level which was supposed to be the toughest, I got 5.0 GP. That is all A’s.
DT: What’s your study pattern like?
Amula: After every lecture, I made sure I revisited my notes, I did all assignments myself, I prepared for tests days before the day and I avoided last minute rush in preparing for exams and I left the rest to God.
DT: How hard did you have to study to achieve this result?
Amula: I will say moderate. I studied like every other student and in addition, I was dedicated and disciplined.
DT: As a Computer Science graduate, what gave you the greatest challenge during the course of your studies?
Amula: The mathematics load was just too much. I had a 100 percent record in my Computer Science courses that is to say I got 21 A’s in all 21 Computer courses I offered from 200 Level to 400 Level. I was outstanding in the Mathematics courses, I got many A’s and two B’s. My knowledge of Mathematics later helped me in developing a computer game in my final year project.

DT: How have you handled the attention that has come with being one of the smartest students in school?
Amula: It was normal. I breathe and live like everyone else.
DT: What role did your parents and family play in your success?
Amula: My family was vital in my success story. They made sure my fees were paid on time and my needs were met. My dad allows his children to make their decision and only provides guidance and correction when we are wrong. My siblings are my role models, in every single one there are qualities I want to emulate. My cousins, uncles, aunts, distant relatives and friends always encouraged me.
DT: What are your plans for your postgraduate studies?
Amula: I am working towards pursuing that, hopefully by next year God willing. In future, I would like to acquire a PhD in Computer Science.
DT: What else would you have studied if not computer science? Do you still have plans to pursue it?
Amula: Right from JSS 2, I wanted to study Computer Science. If I didn’t make it as a Computer Scientist, I would have studied Music and focused on beat production and making of conscious rap songs. In future, I am fostering a dream of recording a joint album with my lyrically gifted brother Liki, titled “Sons of Amula”. Or I would have studied Theatre Arts and focused on script writing, poetry and spoken words. In summary, I am a Scientist with an artistic mind.
DT: How do you relax?
Amula: I listen to music a lot. I am a big fan of M.I. I have all his 8 projects from “Talk about it” to “Yung Denzl” album. I watch football a lot. I am a big fan of Lionel Messi. To me he is the greatest player to ever play the round leather game. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family.
DT: What advice do you have for students who find it tough to cope with their studies?
Amula: Know your strengths and utilize them. You may be good in some areas, make sure you take advantage of that. Work on your weaknesses, seek help from people that are better than you in certain areas. Respect everybody, for you can learn from even those you are better than academically. Make sure you attend all lectures even the ones you find boring, cause you will learn something little from such lectures. Know the time you assimilate best. Be it night or daytime and study more within that period. Create time for your personal study. Take every assignment and test serious for they make up large chunks of your assessment. Pray and dedicate your school life to God. Read, study and learn to acquire knowledge and not just to pass exams. If you want your dreams to come true, don’t oversleep. (Daily Trust)

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