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Tokyo reports 35 COVID-19 cases, exceeding 30 for fourth straight day

Scores of people visit Tokyo’s Asakusa district, one of the most popular tourist spots in the capital, on Saturday

Tokyo confirmed 35 COVID-19 infections on Sunday, exceeding 30 cases for the fourth straight day, sources said.

The single day number of infections continues to trend relatively high as Japan wrapped up the first weekend since restrictions on cross-prefectural travel were completely lifted Friday.

Tokyo saw 39, 35 and 41 infections on Saturday, Friday and Thursday, respectively. The weekly average for daily cases was 34.4 as of Sunday. Keeping the weekly average under 20 is one of Tokyo’s monitoring criteria for easing stay-home and business closure requests.

Adding Sunday’s figures, the total number of infections in the capital stood at 5,783.(japantimes)


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