Uganda: Veteran leader Yoweri Museveni declared election winner

Museveni supporters celebrated in the capital Kampala after the poll results were announced

Uganda’s long-time President Yoweri Museveni has been re-elected, electoral officials say, amid accusations of vote rigging by his main rival Bobi Wine.

Mr Museveni won almost 59% of the vote, with Bobi Wine trailing with about 35%, the Electoral Commission said.

Thursday’s poll may turn out to be the “most cheating free” in the history of the African nation, the president said.

Bobi Wine, a former pop star, vowed to provide evidence of fraud when internet connections were restored in Uganda.

The government shut down the internet ahead of the voting day, a move condemned by election monitors.

They said confidence in the count had been damaged by a three-day internet outage.

Dozens of people were killed during violence in the run-up to the election. Opposition politicians have also accused the government of harassment.

The result gives President Museveni a sixth term in office. The 76 year old, in power since 1986, says he represents stability in the country.

Meanwhile, Bobi Wine – the stage name for 38-year-old Robert Kyagulanyi – says he has the backing of the youth in one of the world’s youngest nations, where the median age is 16. (BBC)

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