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We’ll reject plot by opposition governors to truncate democracy, trigger anarchy across Nigeria- APC Youths

The APC Youth Solidarity Network (APCYSN) has vowed to resist any attempt by some governors in the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (APC) to truncate the nation’s hard-earned democracy due to their selfish taste for power.

According to the group, there is an ongoing plot to trigger a mutiny in the ranks of the military to give advantage to Boko Haram terrorists, thereby rubbishing the efforts of the Service Chiefs.

In a statement signed by Coordinator, Comrade Danesi Momoh, on Friday, APCYSN revealed that while the Federal Government was battling and winning the fight against COVID-19, these disgruntled politicians planted seeds of tribal discord in the military.

Mr Momoh said his group had intercepted hate messages sent to poison the minds of young officers from the South, so as to encourage them not to obey others from their superiors.

The mastermind of this plan is Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers with the backing of his Sokoto counterpart, Aminu Tambuwal, APCYSN disclosed.

The group, however, strongly warned: “these unpatriotic elements to stay away from this cause of action because it is not in the interest of the country”.

It added that such open invitation to overthrow the current government is a serious issue which should not be toyed with.

While commending President Muhammadu Buhari for his handling of insecurity, COVID-19 and APC crisis, the group passed a vote of confidence on the Service Chiefs and others involved in securing the lives of Nigerians.


Recent happenings on the political turf coupled with other challenges the country is facing have left no one in doubt that we are in a trying period of our nationhood.

The nation has been upbeat about politics and the security of its citizens lately.

But we are not alarmed because we know that these are temporary setbacks which are normal on the path to greater nationhood that can be overcome with the right counter-strategies.

We have observed that because of these hiccups, some are already sharpening their tools to cause division and strife in the country and we on our part feel it is high time we expose them before they go far with their nefarious acts.

Much as a vast majority of Nigerians are impressed with governments’ handling of the COVID 19 pandemic, the political skirmish in the APC and the threat to internal security which have been handled professionally, these naysayers want to use these avenues to instigate a major crisis in the country.

The crux of the matter:

These unpatriotic elements are trying hard, even as the Federal  Government is doing it’s best, to make the situation worse for Nigerians by planting seeds of tribal discord within the military in order to instigate mutiny within the institution.

The plan according to what we gathered, is to poison the minds of young officers from the Southern parts of the country with hate messages, so as to encourage them not to obey others from their superiors who are not from the same region with them.

Our organisation has intercepted several messages they have sent to the young military officers from the southern part of the country calling on them to defy the orders of their superiors if they are not from the zone.

The mutiny is intended to shake the very foundation of the military and to frustrate the efforts of the service chiefs towards defeating terrorism and insurgency which they have sworn to achieve.

This attempt at anarchy, according to the details of the plan, is to further build up internal strife and chaos in the military so as to weaken the institution by giving the impression that the entire structure is unorganised and divided against itself.

If this is attained,  the next stage according to the heinous plan would be to nudge the Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorists to take advantage of the division to overrun a major town in the Northeast with wanton bloodletting so as to create panic and disaffection within the civil populace to paint the current set of service chiefs and the government in bad light.

This stage would then be followed by the release of copious videos and sponsored messages from certain groups and individuals to call for the removal of the service chiefs.

The icing on the cake would be to call on the military to intervene in the political affairs of the country through a coup de’tat.

We have it on good authority that these plots were orchestrated and sponsored by Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State in collaboration with Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State to get at the All Progressives Congress, APC, led administration.

Already some opposition figures and civil society activists are being sponsored by those disgruntled elements since the military and the Police were unavailable to be used as election riggers to remove President Buhari from power and having lost woefully in the last elections.

The planners are desperate about carrying out their plans to coincide with the recent crisis in the APC so as to overwhelm the system and make the country ungovernable for President Muhammadu Buhari, who is the ultimate target of the scheme.

The PDP governors who are working in cahoots with some APC leaders who have not been favoured in the recent power tussle within the party, also want to heat the polity so as to create an atmosphere of chaos and political cataclysm for the overthrow of the current administration and have indicated that they are not averse to a military coup since it has become clear that they cannot make any headway in 2023.

This, we learnt, is because they have realised that with the dwindling prospects of the PDP and waning popularity of all its leaders including Wike and Tambuwal, there is no way they can achieve their plan of getting the presidency hence are prepared to truncate the hard-earned democracy not minding the cost to the nation.

They also fear that the APC governors have been more up and doing as far as political calculations for 2023 are concerned, and may finally bury the ambitions of the PDP bigwigs who have nowhere to run to when their political boats hit the rock in 2023.

But they have failed as we have uncovered their plans and have all the details in the palms of our hands.

Our position:

We strongly advise these unpatriotic elements to stay away from this cause of action because it is not in the interest of the country.

The open invitation to an overthrow of the government is a serious issue which should not be toyed with and fanning the embers of ethnic discord is hardly what Nigeria can afford at this time.

Let us in our ambitions be guided by the greater good of the country

We commend President Muhammadu Buhari and the service chiefs on how they are fighting terrorism and banditry in Nigeria.

We commend the President on how he has handled the crisis within the APC which shows that he is the best thing to have happened to our democracy.

The group hereby passes a vote of confidence on the Security Chiefs, the IGP, the DG NIA and all others who are doing their best to make the country better.

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