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WHO demands political commitment to win fight against diseases


A new report from the World Health Organisation (WHO) Independent High-Level Commission on Non- Communicable Diseases (NCDs) has called for urgent action by political leaders to address chronic diseases and mental disorder.
The report released by the organisation on Saturday said only political commitment at all levels and immediate scaling up of actions can address the epidemic of NCDs, the world’s leading causes of death and ill health.
It said that collectively, cancer, diabetes, lung and heart diseases kill 41 million people annually accounting for 71 per cent of all deaths globally.
According to the report, 15 million of these deaths occur among people between the ages of 30 and 70 years.
It therefore urged world leaders to redouble efforts at meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) target 3.4, which is to reduce premature deaths from NCDs by one-third and promote mental health and wellbeing by 2030.
The report said that progress can only be accelerated to achieve this target when financing for NCDs was increased and stakeholders held responsible for delivering on their promises. (NAN)

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