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Yobe youths beg Gov Gaidam to contest for Senate

The youth leader, Umar Kalli presenting the request letter by Yobe Zone ‘A’ youths to deputy governor Ali on behalf of Gov. Gaidam to contest for the Senate.
Hundreds of youths from Yobe Zone ‘A’ thronged the Government House, Damaturu in the morning Friday to call on Governor Ibrahim Gaidam to contest for the Senate seat for Yobe Zone A.
In a Facebook post by the Spokesman of the governor Mallam Abdullahi Bego, the youths were received at the Government House by Abubakar D. Ali, the deputy governor.
The leader of the youths, Alhaji Umar Kalli, who presented a letter urging Gov. Gaidam to contest for the Senate, said people in Yobe Zone A, not just the youths, are convinced that Gov. Gaidam is best suited to represent them in the Senate given his track record of performance as governor and his personal leadership qualities.
“We believe that although Governor Gaidam is successfully completing his second term in office, we cannot allow him to go and rest. We need him in the Senate because we believe he is the best person who can represent our people there”, Kalli said.
The youth leader begged the governor not to turn down their request, saying youths in the area are solidly behind him as the political leader of the state.
Kalli also said that youths and like-minded individuals from the zone have resolved to purchase the senatorial nomination form for Gov. Gaidam to contest the senatorial seat in 2019.
While receiving the letter on behalf of the governor, the deputy governor said that he will pass on their message to Governor Gaidam, assuring them that the governor will respond positively to their requests.
“I congratulate you for having a leader like my boss Governor Ibrahim Gaidam whose life of service to our state is known to everyone. I am here to listen to you and to convey your message to him and I will do just that. And I can assure you that he will respond positively,” he said.
The deputy governor said Gov. Gaidam is the undisputed political leader of the state whether in or out of office, adding that the state will continue to look up to him for political leadership.
Ali admonished the youths to use their voters’ cards wisely and to resist being used by certain selfish politicians who pay stipends to purchase voters’ cards and disenfranchise eligible voters.

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