Zamfara: ‘Why Matawalle defection to APC is more of liability’


A former governorship aspirant, Alhaji Mohammed Sagir Hamidu is a staunch member of the APC in Zamfara State

By Anthony Maliki

A critical stakeholder of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Zamfara State, Alhaji Mohammed Sagir Hamidu has expressed mixed feelings over the recent defection of the State Governor, Alhaji Bello Muhammad Matawalle from the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) to the party.
He said those coming from the PDP are doing so with lack of decency, arrogance and with a “conqueror” attitude.
Alhaji Hamidu who was a 2019 governorship election aspirant in the state also told Apex News Exclusive in Abuja that due process was never followed in many areas in accepting the Governor into the APC.
He also faulted the total handover of the APC structure in the state to the Governor noting that it brought about the present disaffection by those already in the party including himself.
According to him, the APC stakeholders are insisting that the purported dissolution and transfer of party structure to the Governor cannot stand.
“Just like his coming in, if it was done with utmost sincerity, decorum and respect for people who have been there, who have nurtured the party, who stood by the party, there won’t have been any rancor,” Alhaji Hamidu noted.
He strongly believed that Governor Matawalle defection to the APC is not commensurate with the value he is bringing into it stressing that he is joining amidst rancor as due diligence and care was not taken to ensure that there is no rift or major potential crisis being sown.
“Here you are bringing a Governor who is more or less a liability not an asset to the party and then within a second as if you are switching off the light in your room and shut out everybody and then you are handing over the party to minority and then the minority are now celebrating- triumphant entry as conquerors.”
The former governorship aspirant expressed dismay that wherever it was concocted or arranged for the Governor to join the APC perhaps it was done only to satisfy the figures that APC has certain number of governors compared to other parties.
He described what transpired as “Zamfara debacle” explaining that until and unless party is streamlined with government, democracy won’t be gotten right with governors as leaders of a party.
Alhaji Hamidu said there won’t be harmony as prior to all the rigmarole that happened, they had already structured the take-over of the party structure to the clear exclusion of the majority.
He said in Zamfara State, with or without government, the APC can fund the party.
He said the Governor is not coming into the APC with power, people that will help him win election or resources but only with the title of “Governor.”
On the concern of stakeholders of the party in the state, Alhaji Hamidu stressed that eighty per cent of the people of Zamfara owned the APC and the PDP is coming with 20 per cent, it is only logical because the Governor is coming to seek for accommodation.
“The bulk of the work lies with him, the onus of his full acceptance and integration into the larger group rests squarely on the Governor. So, if he comes in and work hard, not as a conqueror but a friend of the people, no arrogance, no grandstanding, work with everybody, he would get what he wants,” he explained.
Alhaji Hamidu told Apex News Exclusive in few days’ time, there would be a tripartite meeting with representative of the Governor, representative of former Governor Abdulazeez Yari and that of the governors with national secretariat of the party presiding, and everything laid bare and sharing formula agreed and accepted by everybody.
On whether the meeting will douse, he said if the meeting fails to address the issues, even Governor Matawalle will not find it funny by joining the party.

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