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Bauchi Governor signs 3 Executive Orders, directs full compliance

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By Abdullahi Idris, Bauchi

Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State has assented to an Executive Order No.3 of 2024 for the removal of illegal structures in the state and directed for full compliance with immediate effect.

Speaking shortly after signing the Executive Order, the governor noted that with the new development, issuance of permits along road corridors, green areas, right of way, utility areas or setbacks, in the state by any of the Ministries or Parastatals and Local Government Councils is banned and prohibited.

According to him, any person who fails to comply with the provision of the Order or aforementioned laws shall be liable on conviction to a 3 months imprisonment or a fine of N100, 000 or both.

“It shall be an offence under this Order to Obstruct,hinder or resist any authorized officer to carryout or execute his or her lawful duties. Without any excuse, refuse or willfully fail to comply with any enquiries on directives made by any officer or Task Force in accordance with the Order.

“Impersonate an officer or duties of the Board, Agency or Task Force’s Staff, attempt, aid, abet, process, consel or carryout any action which is tantamount to the enforcement of this Order. Omit or commit any act that is inimical to free conduct, compliance and obedience to any provision of this order and afformentioned laws.”

Governor Bala Mohammed on the signing of the Executive Order No.2 of 2024 to unify weight and measures in the state, noted that the state government has observed with serious concern the proliferation of different weight and measures across the state which places the consumer at disadvantage.

He said the state government recognizes the need to protect the consumer by maintaining standard and unified weight and measures in the state and pointed out that, by this order, the use of all old weight and measures presently in circulation in the state is banned and prohibited.

He mandated the Ministry for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs to produce and circulate and distribute the approved unified standard weight and measures which shall be used throughout the state and local Governments.

“All the old weight and measures that are different from the approved unified ones shall henceforth be mopped up and withdrawn from circulation by Ministry for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs.

“Whoever is caught using the old weight and measures after the official release of the new weight and measures shall be tried and convicted, punished with term may extend to six months imprisonment and five Hundred thousand Naira fine.”

The governor while signing the Executive Order No.1 of 2024 On Community& Environmental Protection, Public Safety & Security and Prohibition of Deforestation in Bauchi state, said by this Order, no Traditional or Community leader shall issue any consent letters to any individual or corporate body for any excavation activity or enter into or sign any Community Development Agreements within the proscribed limits of this Order without the requisite approval of the State Government through the Ministry of Natural Resources.

“Any individual or company found carrying out any activity(ies) that is against the provision of this Order or without due compliance with the relevant provisions of the Environmental Impact Assessment Act shall be liable to punishment in line with section 60 Environmental Impact Assessment Act ( CAP.E12) LFN 2004.

“Any individual or company found carrying out any activity(ies) that is against the provision of this Order whose activity is not covered under the Environmental Impact Assessment Act, shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of three (3) years or fine which may extend to One Million Naira (1,000,000.00) or both.

“Any person who obstructs, prevents, hinders or assaults any obstruction officer of the Mobile Court in the lawful execution of his duties Under this Order shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (500,000.00) or imprisonment for a term not less than 1 year, or both.”

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