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Farmer urges Nigerians to go for mushroom nutrients instead of animal protein

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By Akpan David, Calabar

A medical professional turned farmer, Etimbuk Brownson has enumerated the health benefits derivable from mushrooms, emphasizing that they outweigh those said to come from animal protein.
In an interview, he has encouraged people to eat more mushroom instead of too much meat or fish as these could become carriers of viruses and other ailments.
According to him, mushroom does not have any side effects of any kind but has enormous health benefits.

He not only grow mushroom but has diversified into mushroom dishes for the public and mushroom workshop.

The traffic of consumers at his Mushroom Hangout in a Lagos suburb includes those patronizing as a result of the nutrients and health values.

In an interview, Etimbuk explained that “Today’s Mushroom farming is a soil-less urban farming technique that is grown using sawdust and other agricultural wastes like rice bran. It is grown vertically.”

Etimbuk’s farm sits on a quarter plot of land. Unlike other types of farming, mushroom does not need much land space for cultivation, and no pesticides either.

“You don’t need chemicals or pesticides to grow mushrooms. It’s an organic farming system whose duration is not time consuming. 

“It takes only three months from planting to harvest.  Mushroom farming uses up wastes.  It conserves the environment, so that there is no pollution from chemicals.”

According to him, mushroom farming is now profitable because many have discovered its health benefits.

In addition, mushroom is capable of giving those interested considersble comforts of sort, he said.

Etimbuk who has his farm in Lagos said “it is a good source income and one can also earn foreign exchange from mushroom farming.”

He encourages more Nigerians individually and in groups or as government to venture into this type of farming.

He said because the health benefits are enormous, which reasons he has diversified into preparing mushroom for public consumption. 

“We’re revolutionizing the way Nigerians and Africans access healthy protein by cultivating organic mushrooms and processing them into NAFDAC certified products.  

“Mushrooms are protein sources. This is why we have the concept of Mushroom Meals Hangout where food enthusiasts are welcomed.

“In our farms we  promote mushroom-based dishes, cooking classes and workshops, and people enjoy a healthier alternative to animal protein.”

He said, Mushroom Meals Hangout has become a hub for mushroom enthusiasts to such extent women and youths have gained employment and sustainable livelihoods. 

Etimbuk added that they share  knowledge about mushroom through trainings in  ecosystem, tackling food security and climate action through their eco-friendly plant protein source. 

He disclosed that they have packaged their mushroom to meet international standard, and are sold in Supermarkets across Lagos and other States, stating that one pack of 100g goes for N5000.

According to him,  people are becoming conscious of their food intakes such that mushroom is fast becoming the alternative to animal protein.

To popularize mushrooms and encourage people to take its advantages,  Etimbuk said, “We offer trainings to intending and practicing farmers both online and physical at the farm.”

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