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Hunger, hardship’ll increase without change of attitude by Nigerians, leaders- former Anambra assembly Speaker, lauds Governor Soludo’s courage to instil sanity in Anambra people

By Alphonsus Nweze, Onitsha

A former Speaker of Anambra State, Rt. Hon. Emeka Anyanetu, has said there would be increased poverty and hardship in Nigeria if those in authority and the people do not have change of attitude.

Hon. Anyanetu who is an Onitsha-based legal practitioner said that the current hardship in the country didn’t just start overnight and has been lurking for a long time now due to the attitude of Nigerians and leaders.

He said: ‘What is happening now is a very big problem.But it is an attitudinal problem.Things are getting from bad to worse for an average Nigerian”.

Hon. Anyanetu who is also chairman of Men’s Christian Fellowship (MCF) of Diocese on the Niger, Onitsha, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion stressed the need for Nigerians to sacrifice today for a better tomorrow.

He noted that if one puts yam seedling on the ground without it being rotten, another yam cannot grow from that old one.

The Knight of St Christopher lamented the growing decadence in the society, saying that moral decadence is at the root of current travails of Nigerians.

“Moral decadence is causing the problem we have in Nigeria now. Hunger is coming. We have not got to the peak of hunger in Nigeria.We have to pray for God to help us so that we will not perish” said the former Speaker.

He lauded Governor Chukwuma Soludo’s programmes in Anambra State, stressing that he has dream for the state and he has been making efforts towards that direction.
“As a person, Governor Soludo impressed me in his administration. What impresses me most is that he is trying to go back to the root, the way they were doing things before now. when you go around now, you will see that everybody is opening his drainage. We passed that law in 1993 in the House of Assembly, where we said everybody must take responsibilities of the drainages In his house, not that the government will not come in but it is more affective when people take the responsibility. He is also trying to stop touting especially at Upper Iweka , these were steps taken to see if he can bring our road back. All he is trying to do is to create an enabling environment, I’m seeing what he is doing to bring people back to their senses, for people to start thinking inwardly. I think he is working towards that direction. I appreciate his policy approach,” said the former Speaker.

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