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Labour Party spokesman – APC: It’s irresponsible to accuse opposition of causing rising prices of commodity, hunger

By Akanji Alowolodu, Bauchi

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has been told that It is irresponsible to accuse the opposition of causing rising commodity prices and hunger which was cause by the successive administration especially the immediate past President Muhammadu Buhari led APC government.

The assertion was made by the National Publicity Secretary of the Labour Party (LP), Dr Abayomi Arabambi during a
Press Conference held on Sunday in Abuja on the State of the Nation.

He said that, “We condemn the APC’s National Publicity Secretary’s attempt to shift blame onto opposition parties for the recent protests against economic hardships as the likes of Kenneth Okonkwo, Dele Famoruti, Aisha Yesufu who are parading themselves as LP members are not our members.”

According to him,”We urge the security agencies to effect their arrests over the statements and conduct’s against the constitution, the Nigerian state and the President.They all should have been arrested for treasonable felony which is punishable by death for their divisive and inflammatory statement against the president and commander in chief of Armed forces. It is therefore crucial to focus on addressing issues rather than deflecting responsibility.”

He said that the ruling party must help President Tinubu to focus on addressing these issues rather than deflecting responsibility “as we know that the President is not at fault for the current trend of endemic corruption but we believed in President Tinubu’s ability to end corruption.”

He stressed that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu need to urgently sign Executive Order of Capital punishment for corruption and other Labour Party matters.

He also said that, “We urge President Tinubu to tackle corruption head-on, as failure to do so may lead to widespread unrest. The power to save our nation lies in the hands of Nigerians, and we must act now to secure a better future for all.”

According to him, “I address you today on the critical issues facing our nation as the National Publicity Secretary of Labour Party. Nigeria is confronted with pressing challenges, notably the looming specter of hunger and recent revelations like the EFCC’s disclosure about financial misappropriations and if not properly managed, it could escalate to what we don’t imagine. Hunger is on the land; we all know.”

He stressed that,”Recent revelations, such as the EFCC’s declaring Mrs Emefiele and Three others wanted for allegedly conspiring with Mr Emefiele in cornering “huge sums of money” belonging to the federal government is condemnable.”

Absyomi Arabambi said that, “The EFCC accused them of committing a felony, specifically obtaining money by false pretences and stealing, contrary to and punishable under Sections 411, 287 and 314 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State.”

“Also, the accusations against Churches by the CBN private investigator, My Jim
Obazeee of sponsoring ring terrorism to the tune of N30b is not only criminal but a treasonable felony offence. Are we going tocontinue like this?,” he asked.

He further said that,” The former Accountant General of the Federation who underscored the depth of the challenges we face. The former Accountant General who was accused of stealing N100bn – the matter is in court, and it is back and forth, and nothing may happen.”

“We cannot continue down this path.The accusations against the wife of the former CBN governor and allegations of church involvement in sponsoring terrorism underscore the gravity of these challenges,” he added.

The LP National Publicity Secretary added that, “Another Deputy Governor of the nation’s apex bank, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), was sometime arrested last year by operatives of Department of State Services (DSS).”

He added that, “Aisha Ahmad, who is in charge of Financial System Stability, was nabbed for questioning over her alleged involvement in a $300million transaction which pertained to suspected dubious acquisition of shares by some persons in Polaris Bank, Titan Bank/Union Bank. The DSS was interested, among other issues, in how the money was raised by Titan Bank to acquire Union Bank, however, she was quizzed, then released and no further detail was given on the DSS investigation into the acquisition.”

Arabambi stressed that urgent attention is needed to avert further escalation while Capital punishment for such crimes through Executive Order to be promulgated by the President could be a deterrent to it’s continuation and has the capacity to foster accountability

According to him, “I believe that if there is capital punishment for these crimes through executive order, maybe Nigeria will straighten up, and people will not be stealing Nigeria’s money.”

The LP National Publicity Secretary added that, “The President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, yes, he is the President, but he is not the creator of the problems. Former President Muhammad Buhari has been spending 95 per cent of our income to service debt and we were borrowing money to fund our Country Budget from 2015 to May 29th 2023.”

He however said that, “President Tinubu, while not solely responsible, bears the duty of finding lasting solutions.The allocation of 95% of our income to service debt, inherited from the previous administration, must be urgently addressed to alleviate financial woes.”

According to him,”The President met this challenge on the ground; he must put a stop to it. Recall that during the administration of former president Olusegun Obasanjo, $16bn was spent on power with no results on electricity; nothing was heard. Who collected the money?”

Going down memory lane, he recalled that, “During former President Obasanjo led administration, they claimed over N300bn was spent to do turn around maintenance of all our refineries, only for the next Presidents to meet zero projects. Who are the people that collected the money?”

He also said that, “Those who collected government money and failed to execute the project must be executed. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu must stop this endemic corruption; hence, there is nothing he can do to stop the uprising as a result of high cost of foods because only Nigerians have the power to save their president once there is an uprising, which happens in Egypt, Algeria, Libya. We are hungry and many Nigerians have died for lack of food and many more are committing suicide daily.”

He also said that President Bola Tinubu should order that any kidnapper or corrupt person arrested for stealing money belonging to the Nigerian people must be executed.

According to him,”The kidnappers who are raping school children and threatening to marry them off – must all be fished out and executed. They have nothing to do in the Police cells.

He also said the current administration must address the mismanagement of funds in previous administrations, and those exemplified by alleged financial improprieties during Obasanjo’s tenure saying that, “Swift legal actions are essential, reflecting a commitment to justice and deterring future occurrences.”

He also suggested that If anyone, bandit, kidnappers and economic saboteurs engaged Police or the Military in a gun duel aimed in an attempt to escape justice, it’s evident that such people cannot presume innocent once caught and arrested but must all be killed via execution instantly.

All those caught stealing the country’s crude oil should be bombed and killed inside such vessels as economy terrorists and saboteur.

He stressed that, “President Tinubu should know that these uprisings could snowball if urgent steps are not taken and such can not be place at the door step of opposition political parties who can not be held accountable for high cost of foods and deliberate mismanagement of our common wealth by few criminals.”

He added that,”We advocate decisive action against corruption, proposing capital punishment for kidnappers and corrupt individuals via Executive order by the President to the IGP, DSS, EFCC and the Armed forces. The rising threats to citizens demand stringent measures to ensure their safety.”

The LP National Publicity Secretary further said that, “The rising tide of corruption, kidnappings and threats to schoolchildren necessitates stringent measures. We propose that kidnappers and corrupt individuals arrested should face immediate consequences including capital punishment.This is the time for a tough stance against those threatening the safety and well-being of our citizens.”

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