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Sarkin Samari of Jama’a Emirate warns youth against drug abuse, criminality

Alhaji Mudi Shafi’u Tahir

By Muhammad Usman Ali, Kafanchan

The Sarkin Samari of Jama’a Emirate and leader of ‘Sarakunan Matasan jihar Kaduna’, Alhaji Mudi Shafi’u Tahir, has cautioned youths in the state against drug abuse and other forms of criminality.

In an interview with our correspondent in Kaduna, Alhaji Tahir urged the youth to harness their energy and potential for beneficial purposes, rather than allowing themselves to be used to create havoc in society.

“The youth are the future leaders of our society, and it is important for them to channel their energy towards positive endeavors,” Alhaji Tahir said.

“Drug abuse and criminality can only lead to destruction and harm, not only to the individual but also to the society at large,” he said.

He appealed to the youth to be useful to themselves and to society, and to avoid being used as tools for destruction. “Youthfulness is a precious asset, and it should be utilized for the betterment of oneself and the society,” he emphasized.

Alhaji Tahir also called on parents, guardians, and community leaders to play their roles in guiding and mentoring the youth towards the right path.

“We must all come together to ensure that our youth are equipped with the necessary skills and values to become responsible and productive members of society,” he added.

The Sarkin Samari’s warning comes at a time when drug abuse and criminality are on the rise among youths in Kaduna State. His call to action is seen as a timely intervention to address this growing concern.

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