2019: ANN/PT alliance produces Olawepo-Hasim presidential candidate


Two political parties, People’s Trust (PT), and Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) on Saturday formed a “strategic alliance to emerge as a formidable force” for the 2019 elections.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the alliance, under a new name, Alliance for People’s Trust (APT), was formed at the maiden convention of PT in Ikeja.
The arrangement, which was ratified by officials of both PT and ANN, and observed by officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission, produced Mr Gbenga Olawepo-Hasim, a businessman, as presidential candidate.
The candidate emerged by consensus and was affirmed by members of both parties.
Speaking, the National Secretary of APT, Mallam Naseer Kura, said the alliance was formed to provide Nigerians a credible alternative in 2019.
He said the All Progressives Congress (APC) had failed to deliver on its promises to the people of the country.
Kura said the country was facing serious challenges in the economy, security and other areas, adding that Nigerians deserve a better deal.
The National Secretary said APT was peopled by men of capacity, expressing the confidence that the party would win the 2019 elections.
“There must be paradigm change in leadership. This country needs people with integrity and capacity, and not recycled leaders.
‘’The APT is committed to offer a credible alternative to render purposeful governance.
“We have integrity, we have the capacity and by God’s grace, we will win in 2019,” he said.
He urged members of the party to be dedicated to the ideals of the party, to deliver change in 2019.
In his speech, Olawepo-Hasim thanked party members for choosing him to be presidential candidate, as it reflected the confidence they had in him.
He said Nigeria needed serious change in leadership to reposition and inspire people, to achieve her development goals.
The candidate said he had the capacity, the passion and the integrity to deliver the desired change to Nigerians.
“I will ensure that we have a Nigeria of equal opportunity and support the aspirations and the needs of the people.
“We would work to ensure that we resolve issues of ethnicity and religion that have affected the country.
“I will be president of Nigeria that will promote security of lives and property.
“I would not be president of a section of Nigeria but president of the entire Nigeria.
“We cannot give Nigeria to apprentice politicians. The next election is about capacity, about competence,” he said.
The candidate urged party men and other Nigerians to give him the necessary support to realise his vision for Nigeria.(NAN)

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