2021: APC set to take over Anambra says Governor Uzodinma, Nnamani, Onu



Ahead of the fort coming Anambra State Governoship election, the trio of Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma, Minister for Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu and former Senate President Ken Nnamani has vowed that the party would take over Anambra State.
The party has insisted that the November 6th gubernatorial election would be operation sweep for the APC in Anambra insisting that the time is now.
According to the Governor of Imo State Senator Hope Uzodimma who is also the coordinator APC Reconciliation Effort,  the absence of Anambra State in APC has affected the State negativity both economically and politically and that is the bane of the State.
Anambra State cannot remain as a low ranger perpetually because the State is the criddle of sociopolitical and economic development in the South East and cannot afford to remain a low ranger.
We are no longer fighting the civil war , we are in a united Nigeria and Anambra must connect to the center and it would be operation sweep in November 2021.
Former Senate President Ken Nnamani stated that   we have resolved to take over Anambra State and there is no going back this time around.
“With all the resources, commerce and industry which Anambra State is graded as number one but with on economic policy and use of a pen those conglomerates would collapse because we are not part of the government at the center; so Anambra must be APC. come November this year.
 Similarly former Abia State Governor Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu announced that the November election in Anambra State is a must for the APC in the South East and nothing can stop the party this time.
We are ready and we are good to go as it stands now and no political party in Anambra State can stop us this time.he said.
Minister for Labour and Employment Senator Chris Ngige also stated that if the South East must realize it’s Presidencial ambition in 2023, Anambra State must produce an APC Governor in order to challenge the zoning of the Party”s Presidency to the area.
He urged all the Governoship aspirants to work towards the success of the party in the coming election.
Earlier the State Chairman of the party Chief Basil Ejidike lamented the in fighting and divisions in the party, adding that most federal appointments to the State are given to non party members.

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