2023: The North South United Movement calls on ex-Bauchi Governor, Muazu to aspire for presidency


Alhaji Adamu Muazu

By Akanji Alowolodu, Bauchi

Though he has not publicly declared interest in the 2023 presidency, a former Governor of Bauchi State, Dr. Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu has been called upon to express aspiration to run for the office of the President come 2023. 
The call was made by a political pressure group, ‘The North South United Movement’ which describes him as, “a leader with a difference, a servant-leader and not a ruler, who is assiduously determined to see to the lasting peace and progress of our nation Nigeria”. 
The group In a press statement made available to journalists in Bauchi through its leader, Ambassador Ken Akpan, stated that Ahmadu Mu’azu, governed Bauchi State from 1999 to 2007 with outstanding results with many of his legacies still abounding across the state. 
The group further stated that it rose from its meeting held in Bauchi and unanimously rated the former governor as most qualified and fit to run for the highest position in the country in the next presidential election.
Ken Akpan said that the group noted that the former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Chairman is a politician that is building into the future with confidence and pride for a peaceful glorious Nigeria were men and women alike are not judged by any form of sentiment.
He stressed that, “Mu’azu has the pedigree and every advantage to lead Nigeria because of his transparency, accountability and committed love for the country above all. He is not an archeologist digging into the relics of our past political failures to deepen negative sentiments and divide a people further, but he is a bridge builder who shuns positions of calumny but rather focuses on the best of people to forge ahead for a better future,” he stated in the release.
Ken Akpan who is a Doctoral student, stated that the destiny of Nigeria  is not in the hands of a few bad eggs but in the collective good of all Nigerians to move the nation in the right direction for a glorious future.
“The core values of Mu’azu  include love for humanity, uniting and fair leadership, mentoring and respect for the rule of law, a philanthropist and a dedicated leader, a humanitarian who has positively impacted the lives of millions of citizens  across the country, a silent achiever as exhibited in the past and present”, he said.
He also said that, “Mu’azu believes in one united and peaceful nation Nigeria, where fairness and justice for all irrespective of inclination and tribe as he has demonstrated both in his public and private life, a technocrat of immense reputation a decisive and proactive leader who has been tested and trusted to bring his national and international connection to bare as he is constantly thinking of what to do for humanity and Nigerians and not what the country can do for him being a selfless leader”.
According to him, “As Governor, he was entrusted with the exalted public office where he performed excellently and brilliantly well, setting a standard for wholistic transformation in his region and indeed Nigeria amongst his peers, he took Bauchi State from over 30 years of “rural status ” to modern status competing amongst her peers, reviving and overhauling the entire sector of the state and impacting the economy the state and her people and his stewardship became a reference point for most Governors in office during his tenure, with his nag for excellence and results,  belief that citizens should get nothing but the best”
He further stated that Mu’azu put Bauchi state on the spotlight positively, getting her the nickname of a “construction site of the northeast” likened to Dubai because of the vision he had for the state and the entire citizens.
“His stewardship was beyond commendation, indeed he proved himself to be a servant leader working round the clock to ensure that he curbed and did away with political apathy and lopsidedness in the state which could not be over emphasized during the period under review, the state received tremendous even development across the three senatorial zones”, he stressed. 
According to the group, Mu’azu has the courage and determination with all the qualities to move Nigeria out of its present predicament as President.
“He is a true lover of democracy and remains cardinal and objective in protecting our hard-earned democracy and rule of law. Today as a country we are largely at a cross road, with our collective destinies being threatened with attendant crises both politically and economically, ridiculing our post-independence journey as an independent nation who is still stuck in the woods of oblivion”, Ken Akpan said. 
As he puts it, “despite the abundance of both human and natural resources and enough potential to be the best amongst nations, but for one thing, sound and courageous leadership which has become a lacunae, hence the need to elect a passionate Nigerian like Mu’azu who has core values at heart, one who is educated and has put the knowledge to work, a strong visionary, determined and hardworking from his pedigree and background, above all a leader who has love for his country and fellow countrymen void of sentiments”. 
The statement stressed that Mu’azu is a visionary leader who is endowed and prepared with the political will to lead Nigeria out of the woods to a greater height God’s willing.
The group concluded that, “Fellow citizens, women and youths of today,  Nigeria has never been so divided along all lines as it is today,  so we desperately need a leader who has built bridges across the length and breadth of this nation, that has friends and brothers across the four corners of this nation, a leader who does not discriminate along political, religious, ethnic and interest lines”.

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