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42-year-old PDP Presidential aspirant say he’ll tackle insecurity, poverty


Mr Stanley Osifo, a 42-year-old Presidential Aspirant under the Platform of the People Democratic Party (PDP), on Saturday promised to tackle poverty and insecurity headlong with massive investment in intelligence if elected.
Osifo, speaking to newsmen in Ikeja, Lagos State, said that issues of insecurity in Nigeria were surmountable with improvement in intelligence gathering.
The young politician, who noted that he had purchased and submitted both Nomination and Expression of Interest Forms to the party’s National Headquarters in Abuja, said he would run an inclusive government if elected for the country’s topmost seat.
“I know that insecurity has been on in Nigeria for a long time and successive governments have tried to see how it could be tackled. We have heard that somehow, though not confirmed, that some people are behind this.
“But if I become the president of this country, I will look at the intelligence aspect of it because I believe that this is how you will know what is going on.
“A lot of postulations have been made, some people have said that Boko Haram members who were dislodged are behind most of the attacks that we see around, while others are claiming that it is the herdsmen.
“Some people are even saying that it is those that were dislodged in Libya that are giving problems to Nigerians, and the stories are many.
“When we get onboard, we will look at where and what to look at to be able to tackle the problem headlong,” Osifo said.
The politician said that he was a passionate Nigerian, who believed that things could get better with honest and qualified people in the corridors of power.
According to him, Nigeria is endowed with a lot of human and material resources to change the fortunes of the citizens if they are put into proper usage.
On what experience he had garnered to administer the country, Osifo said he knew where the shoe pinches having interacted and led various groups and community associations.
“I have led people before; I was the President of student union in school. I have done a lot of things that made me to say I am very fit to contest for the office of the President of Nigeria.
“I don’t believe in `big guns’, I believe in the capacity to do something well. Most of the people you call big guns have been there for a long time and I don’t believe they have done anything much.
“There are so many things that we need to overhaul. It is not just just about change, the change that we have been talking about has not been achieved yet.
“Nigerians want something new and that is what I want to bring about in Nigeria as a young person along with other young people in the country,” he said.
He added that the whole world knew that Nigeria was well endowed and that the country had no business with poverty, hunger, debt and poor infrastructure.
The politician said that his government would promote agriculture in Nigeria in the area of preservation and storage of food.
The presidential hopeful said that he had done his own little researches and found out that agricultural products, which were being produced in large quantity in Nigeria largely waste due to poor storage and market.
According to him, concerted effort will be made provide markets for the produce and ensure preservation to banish hunger in the land.
On godfatherism and financing election, Osifo, who said he had none added: “If you have the vision, the passion and the courage, you want to do something, do not let your age or godfatherism to be your limitation.
“Now that there is `Not Too Young To Run Bill’ Law, the youth now have the privilege to come out to vie for positions,” he said. (NAN)

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