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APC chieftain says June 12 a unifying democratic force in Nigeria

An APC chieftain in Delta, Chief Sunny Ofehe, has described the June 12 Democracy Day as a rallying force for the Nation’s democratic development that must be cherished by Nigerians.
He said the endorsement of the day by the President Muhammadu Buhari’s was an indication of the administration’s desire to enthrone true democracy in the country’s political system.
In a statement, Ofehe said that the unity that the day brought among Nigerians must continue to be sustained by all lovers of democracy.
’As we celebrate June 12, we must have a re-think on how we can make our democracy strong and valuable. In June 12 we have a reference point and a solid proof that Nigerians can still walk together in peace and harmony.
‘’Nigerians through June 12 annulment showed the extent they can unify to fight a common cause. It also showed that Nigerians can rally support for any political candidate with incredible track record.
‘’Nigerians came out in their numbers to vote and the election was declared the freest and fairest election by national and international observers,’’ Ofehe said.
He added that the day would be remembered for being the first time the ethnic and religious barriers hindering National development was aside by the Nigerian electorates.(NAN)

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