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Be friendly with your children, Cleric advises parents


The Pastor Philip Olayemi of Christ Kingdom Church, Ilorin, has urged parents to be friendly and establish good rapport with their children.
Olayemi gave the advice during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin.
He noted that many Nigerian parents were too harsh on their children, by not allowing them free access to express their feelings.
“Many parents are too harsh and never give room for their children to come to them.
“They never create that avenue for which their children can express whatever is bothering their mind to them.
“Some parents make their children feel rejected with the way they are being handled. No special time for gist, no special time for fun, all in the name of discipline,” he said.
The clergy man said parent-children interpersonal rapport instilled confidence in the children and allow them to express whatever they were passing through.
“Children will rather discus their problem with peer groups when rejected by parents.
“They will take wrong advice from friends which may later affect their future.
“Parents must operate open door policy with their children. Be friendly with them.
“Allow them in and advise them, so that they won’t be forced to take wrong advice from peers.
“How will your underage daughter tell you she is raped when you frown at her every time? She will rather keep it to herself, since you don’t give her listening ear”.
According to him, lack of good interpersonal rapport between parents and children has ruined so many lives of children in life.
This development he said became apparent, especially in young girls, adding that many of them committed abortion without the knowledge of their parents.
He reminded the parents on the need to always give room for a more lively and friendly interaction between them and their children to make them happy and help build their future. (NAN)

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