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Being educated main reason for being self-employed-Godiya Mamot, CEO, Godiyas Kitchen


Godiya Mamot is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Godiyas Kitchen at Karu Site Abuja. The 2007 National Diploma (ND) Public Administration graduate of Plateau State Polytechnic, Barkin-Ladi told Apex News that education widens perspective for business. Excerpts:
 What is your advice to ladies about entrepreneurship?
Follow your heart, be patient ‘Rome was not built in a day’ and do not allow the challenges pull you down.
How do you hope to better your services in the nearest future?
I am always looking out for new innovations in the industry, carrying out research and attending, workshops/seminars as well as incorporating e-commerce and online marketing into the business to broaden my market reach.

Despite your education, why did you decide to be self-employed?
I look at my being educated as the main reason for being self-employed.  Education widens ones perspectives on living, business and approach to life generally.
What are the products and services you render?
My products and services are executive catering services, local and international spices, barbecue and grills among others.

Some of Godiyas products

How do you package your products?
We package mainly in zip-lock polytene bags of various sizes and 200-300 ml sealed rubber containers.
 Do you intend to expand on your product line from spices?
Our primary drive is to focus on spices so that we can become a household name. Then we may consider looking at other products and services related to our business.
What is your clientele base?
Families, friends, supermarkets, grill and barbecue businesses and Nigerians in diaspora which we are strongly considering too.
Some other packaged products


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