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Gender-based violence: US embassy supports ‘Walk a mile in her shoes’ event

The Media Campaign against Human Trafficking (MeCAHT) in coordination with the United States Embassy in Nigeria, will on Monday November 26, present a multi-faceted call to action event to speak against all forms of gender-based violence.
A statement from the embassy in Abuja Friday emailed to Apex News, said in Nigeria, nearly three in ten women have experienced some form of violence before the age of 15.
It said whether forced and/or early marriage, physical, mental or sexual assault, gender based violence is endemic, especially where insecurity and widespread displacement often leave women and girls vulnerable to both interpersonal and societal violence.
According to the US Embassy Public Affairs Officer, Aruna Amirthanayagam, “in combating GBV we will be closing the gender gap at work and will influence a higher GDP growth and they would be correct.”
He said “while these arguments are compelling, we need to go beyond the economic value of a human being. I say that GBV cannot be tolerated because it is a dreadful violation of human rights and no women, child or young person should have to live in fear.”
In the statement, kicking off the day’s program at 9 a.m. will be a walk from the International Conference Center (ICC), past the Fire Service, through the Nigeria Defence College and Army Headquarters, and back to ICC.
It said walkers will show their support and understanding as to what a woman in Nigeria goes through on a daily basis by carrying wood, water, babies, or even walking a mile in a woman’s pair of shoes!
After that, there will be a symposium at the ICC featuring speakers from the Federal Government, the diplomatic community, and development partners, as well as an expert panel discussion on Early Professional Counseling in Gender Based Violence.
Also, there will be an exhibition of paintings interpreting the determinants and consequence of gender based violence in the Nigerian context.
MeCAHT Media and Partner Relations Officer Jayne Abuo said: “Our message is to say ‘no!’ to all forms of gender based violence. People must remember that if they see it, they must report it.”
MeCAHT is an international media-driven non-profit coalition working to reduce incidence of human trafficking in Nigeria, South Africa and Europe among vulnerable groups.  MeCAHT is an initiative of Media Village Nigeria, which is a ministry of Youth With A Mission.

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