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I want to continue the mission of encouraging people -Dr Spencer

Dr Alandrus Pearson Spencer is the author of the inspiring book of biblical quotes “Encouraging moment.” He was born in Chicago, Illinois but raised in Blytheville, Arkansas. The ex naval man is married to Veronica whom he met in 2005. With a Doctor of Ministry from Apex School of Theology, Dr Spencer launched the Touching Lives Ministry Inc. in Blytheville, Arkansas in 2006. With a strong passion for helping people, Dr Spencer shares some inspiring thoughts in this interview.

What are your motivations in writing the book?
My motivation for writing this book is founded in 1 Samuel 30:6 because when David was discouraged and in great distress, the Bible says he encouraged himself in the Lord…I simply want to help people help themselves with a daily dose of encouragement. Not to feel let down.
Are you planning another book soon considering you might have missed some vital points in “Encouraging Moment”?
I am in the process of writing another book. I feel will continue the mission of encouraging people even as I encourage myself.
Is the book a life experience shared? Have you been down and discouraged?
This book is a book of quotes I have used in my own person life while facing many of challenges such as discouragement, illnesses, broken heart and others. I simply wrote the quote, read over them numerous times, dissected them and wrote down what would encourage me from the power of the quote and I also challenge myself to use the quote and my response to the quote on a daily basis to keep my self encouraged.

Dr Spencer and his wife Veronica

Is your life in God’s vineyard a carry forward of life in the military?
I believe the military helped me to see the many challenges people face including myself. So I believe God sparked a passion in me to want to encourage my fellow solider, to find answer for their problems while also giving me the time and grace to grow closer to Him (God). This mission contiues today to simply keep soliders, others and myself encouraged in the Lord as I am the Senior Pastor of Touching Lives Ministries in Blytheville, Arkansas and currently planting a location in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
What was your defining moments in evangelism?
My defining moment is when God revealed to me that although I myself face many challenges, he had given me the gift to help encourage others. God put a passion in me that I want to see people overcome and succeed according to the plan he has for their lives according to Jeremiah 1:5 and 29:11.

An activity of Touching Lives Ministries

Share your thoughts in your desire at helping people in need.
My desire to help brought me back to the of state of Arkansas where I was raised after traveling to many places and living in Virginia for several years. In Blytheville we started an outreach to the city using our annual back to school drive. Annually, we usually give away over 100 backpacks and schools supplies, give aways, we feed the children, while making it a fun day with games, ballon bounces, visit the local fire department, state representive and mayor of the city. We also do an annual Toy drive and give Thanksgiving baskets.
My book “Encouraging Moment” is a direct extension and reflection of my passion and what I have been called to do in ministry.

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