IPOB leadership in disarray: Multi-million dollar fraud rocks IPOB as Nnamdi Kanu embezzles $2m


By Nengi David

The United kingdom branch of IPOB has accused Nnamdi Kanu of embezzling over US$2million.

Citizens for Change (CFC) National President, Mr Anya Okonko in a press release in Abuja on Sunday maintained that the IPOB members where right in demanding for accountability for funds generated through blackmail and donations from ignorant people particularly of Ibo extraction”

We are doing a follow up petition to the UK Commission for charity to investigate Nnamdi Kanu as well as IPOB and take appropriate disciplinary measurres to forestall future fraud at the expense of innocent citizens”

The group further said, until Nnamdi Kanu is charged and prosecuted in a competent court of law in the UK, his penchant for criminal abuse of IPOB funds and dictatorial tendencies will not abate any time soon.

” Why would a sane person who is accused of stealing donations turn around and purport to sack same people demanding accountability?

We urge Ibo people worldwide to use the Curruption in UK chapter of IPOB as a pointer to more of what we are yet to hear and see in IPOB.

“As Nigerians, we have only one country, every other narrative of Biafra is a nightmare and a figment of Nnamdi Kanus’ imagination”

“Our people can now see clearly what is made of Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB movement.

“It behooves on us all to rise to the occasion and speak up against the high-handedness of a common fugitive who is consumed by his own greed and avarice.

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