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Kano Instagram wedding: Father to involve State Security Service

The father of a Kano man, Isa Sulaiman who is about to marry his American sweetheart, Janine Sanchez following an Instagram romance said he will report the matter to the State Security Service (SSS).
Mr Isa, a retired superintendent of Police told KANO FOCUS at his home in Panshekara on Saturday that he has agreed to the wedding based on four conditions.
He said the first condition is to seek security clearance.
“We are trying to do that. We’ll do that. We can’t do without that. We must do that.
“As a security – retired security – officer I know what I’m talking about.
“In fact I’ll be seeing the SSS by Monday to tell them about the situation.”

According to him the second condition is that his son would be allowed to further his education in the US.

He said the third condition is that Isa would maintain his adherence to the Islamic religion.
“I want him to further his education and maintain his religion.
“She said ‘no problem’. May be she may become a Muslim too.”
The retired police officer added that his final condition is that the bride-to-be, Janine Sanchez, must produce a written document of consent from her parents or relations as Muslims are not allowed to marry a woman on her own.
Meanwhile, Ms Sanchez is set to depart Nigeria in a week’s time and return in March for the wedding. (Kano Focus)

March wedding for American woman and Kano based Instagram lover


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